Braven BRV-1 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review and #Giveaway

        Instead of carrying around a boombox like in the 80's or a CD player in the 90's whenever you wanted to hear some music, kids now have their iPods.  As a blogger technology and electronics are a huge part of my life!  Being up on the newest and best in each category is key.  I am also a green living blogger which causes for some serious controversy when using all of this technology.  I can't always seem to find that happy medium between wanting the latest technology and conserving energy.  Because I spend so much time outdoors, I hate being tied to any type of cords, outlets, or connections!

         "BRAVEN is a portable Bluetooth speaker maker, dedicated to delivering premium audio and unparalleled design. Founded in 2011, BRAVEN is the first company to produce a portable HD speaker with speakerphone that doubles as a mobile device charger."  I was given an awesome opportunity to review the Braven BRV-1 portable speaker.  Before this arrived I had an idea stuck in my head of what to expect.  I was extremely surprised to open the box and find such a tiny speaker which was suppose to have such a powerful punch of sound.

        Measuring a small 4.75" x 3.25" x 2.25", your BRV-1 can go wherever you choose without taking up much room in a bag or purse.  This little device is wireless with bluetooth capability for up to 12 hours of play time and works with pretty much every smartphone, tablet, music player with Bluetooth capability, smartphone, iPad®/iPod®, mp3 players, notebooks, and eReaders.

        It's even weather proof for use during the summer by the pool or at the beach and you better believe we will be taking this camping with us the next trip we take!  The rubberized exterior is shock absorbing for the most extreme locations and travel!  The BRV-1 is even water resistant so it'll be safe if left outside in inclement weather (possibly on accident) like I can tell you I've done before in a hurry with our unpredictable Michigan weather.

        We tested this bad boy out right away and I've got to tell you in works extremely well even from a distance from it's bluetooth device. The sound quality is clear as anything and boosts a real powerful sound. You can even hear the music from a distances at even a low volume level.  You can not only charge your external devices by plugging them into the back of the speaker but you can also take phone calls using the built in noise cancelling mic.

        Best part is you can take your music anywhere without restrictions.  You will be the life of the party because no matter how many people or how loud the crowd is you will still be able to hear your music!  We are seriously impressed with this tiny, rugged speaker!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $149.99 Sale ($179.99 Reg) BRV-1 
Recommendation:  It seems a little pricey at first when you look at size but in all honesty because it is compatible with just about anything you already have AND the quality is beyond that than I've seen around, I'd say the price is well worth it.  Plus you need to remember all the other functions and uses this has like wireless charging and calls!
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Giveaway:  Braven is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a BRV-1 to have of their own!
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  1. I would use this on my patio - super for listening and not worrying about it!

  2. I would use this in my bedroom for and extra sound source in another area of the room. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  3. I'd use this out by my friend's hot tub.

  4. I would use this out on my deck so I can hear it while I work in my garden.


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