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        I've told you all before that Dane has always been way ahead of all the milestones and that's not me just bragging about my child.  As proud as I am I also think that's not a good thing.  You then have children who don't know what to do with themselves because they are too little to get into the things that they are smart enough to.  Having children in this day and age is so much more different than it was for the generation before us.

        Children learn and use technology almost 100% of the time now.  This is more than a way of learning but also makes it more fun so to speak for them.  Being that Dane just turned six, I know I have to spend more and more time working with him on his required lessons from school as well as additional plans to keep him ahead.  Using this technology is as important for us parents too so we can help our children as they grow.

        It has even become more popular to home school your children nowadays especially if one parent can be home again with multiple children!  I have used several online learning websites and found success using those websites in the past.  The boys truly seem to take an interest in being online learning anything!  I was recently asked to review a new website called Chalk Pre-school.

        "CHALK Preschool Online is based on the successful curriculum of CHALK's brick and mortar locations. With 5 locations in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, CHALK Preschools have been successfully preparing preschoolers since 2005."  I don't know about you but it seems like a great way to start preparing your child for school and future academic excellence.
        Now not only do I have Dane who is in Kindergarten learning the exact subjects as included in the lesson plan but I also have Declan who is on the other hand a bit of an average learner and will be starting preschool next year!  Each of the kids have their own color/level set based on their birth-dates.  I can even email support to change either of them if I feel they are struggling or ahead of the lesson plans that are preset for their age.

        What I personally enjoy about the whole Chalk Online preschool curriculum, is the fact that it encourages kids to complete activities offline.  There is nothing more exciting to me as a parent than something which teaches my child through different activities which they can apply to real life actions!  Every day we know we can expect a new lesson plan with a different task to complete.

        Both boys seemed to enjoy the program and have asked several times to get on Chalk after school.  They love logging in to see what the new tasks are and what they might get to learn today!  I enjoy being able to visit the Newsroom to keep up on the latest education trends as well. I haven't downloaded the program to my hone just yet but I can tell you I'm pumped that it is available for smart phones so I don't have to constantly share my laptop with the boys since I use it constantly for work.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $FREE online preschool activities
Recommendation:  I thought this was a great tool to use with all that was included.  I think the fact that is free and available on any web device for the most part is better than most you would find paying for tools or similar web services like this.
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