Justin Time DVD Review

        Because it seems as if we have been getting the same type of movies over and over in this house, I've been on the look out for something (anything) different for us to watch.  You can only watch the same cartoon so many times in one day before your day starts to blur together!  When Cinedigm shared that they would be releasing Justin Time on March 18th, 2014, I was quick to agree to review it.  It even looked somewhat familiar and something the boys might enjoy.

        The synopsis says "Everyday Justin jumps into an exciting new childhood adventure. To understand and solve the situation, he imagines alternate scenarios where he and his friends are different people in different places. They ride rockets into space, discover new worlds with the Vikings and chase Cleopatra’s cat through the pyramids of Egypt. Often, Justin meets an animal who needs help, and in figuring out how to lend a hand, he learns lessons about science and nature. At the end of each show, Justin leaves his dream world to discover his mom or dad waiting for him to do some kind of activity, such as skating or building a birdhouse, and Justin is able to share with them what he has learned."

        I love the whole idea behind Justin having his own imaginary time and experiences.  This encourages kids to imagine all the wonderful things they can do in life like exploring and traveling!  Dane was the biggest fan of this one as he is my true self starter!  Declan seemed pretty well interested as well!

Recommendation:  I thought the story lines were pretty awesome and very encouraging!  Both boys seemed interested and I honestly loved the whole idea behind this program.  I hope to get the boys more interested in this cartoon now that we know about it!
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