The Original Loom Boom Review

        Every child loves to create and craft at one point and time in their life!  My boys absolutely love to do crafts of any sort at home.  Sometime's I find myself trying to come up with new ideas that are not only fun and different for them but honestly not boring for me OR wasteful in my eyes.  I have no idea what this new trend (obsession) is with these Loom Bracelets.

        Dane was sent home a ton of them from various (girl) friends for weeks before I knew really what they were other than just bracelets.  They have become the biggest trend for our little ones to actually make their own jewelry very easily.  Dane finally got a Loom Bracelet Maker for Christmas this year.  Since then I have had to deal with the bracelets everywhere as well as all the little rubber bands and connectors.

        This has become just plain become obnoxious, so when I was asked to review a product called the Original Loom Boom, I figured it would be perfect!  The Loom Boom stores/displays over 40 bracelets at a time on the tube portion which is also removable to easily access those at the bottom.  The base is an organizer with several compartments for you to store extra parts like the connector clips, charms, and additional loom bands.

        Dane was beyond thrilled to get this and it has been used ever since coming through the door. My only major complaint is that I wish the compartments in the base were a bit deep or had a lid as we have tons of extra rubber bands which obviously fall out constantly.  We actually re-purposed ours a bit to hold the extras in the tube using a baggie.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $9.99 Original Loom Boom
Recommendation:   I think this is a great tool if your child is into these!  It's very inexpensive and honestly this is a great hobby to keep your child thinking creatively!

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