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        So being a blogger I am always updating my entertaining areas around the home inside and out.  Of course you all know I love trying out the newest gadgets I can find and technology/electronics are a huge part of my life!  My husband is not only a hardcore gamer but he is a singer/musician so home audio is a big part of our life.  We frequently enjoy watching movies as a family with our entertainment system blasted as if we were in the theater.

        We are always losing remotes in this house as we have tons to keep track of.  We've discussed getting a universal remote several times before but just feel as if we would have the same issues.  Plus, when looking into the options available for controlling multimedia, we discovered places like Best Buy offer something much better!

        Then, as luck would have it Best Buy released the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard and asked me to review it.  I was more than happy to jump on board as this was something we had done quite a bit of research on!  Launching only at Best Buy March 23rd, the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard is the ultimate device which puts you in control of literally every media component in front of you!

        I don't think I can explain to you the excitement I saw out of Kevin as he set this up.  If you know him personally, you know he has one of those ridiculously typical guy personalities.  I rarely get the romance or emotions from him and even when he is excited about something it takes someone who has known him for years to even pick up on it.  This was NOT the case.  At a rate of about every five minutes I heard things like, "Oh my God, are you kidding me?!" and "That is so freaking awesome, wow!!".

        You can easily program your keyboard to control all smart devices.  It simplifies the process to turn devices on and off or to switch between each as needed.  Adjust the volume, play, pause, go crazy controlling all of your multimedia like an expert!  You can even now easily type when performing searches or doing things like chatting on Xbox live!  No more selecting letter by letter.

        This keyboard can even be used in almost a traditional manner with your PC or Mac.  There is a touch pad for cursor control so whether your working or streaming movies on your PC, you're still in control!  We love that this works behind cabinets (and walls) too since most of our devices are kept in our entertainment center.

        The Logitech Harmony Smart works with all IR, RF, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi AND you can set up your smart phones to work as a universal remote too!  Set up does take a little bit but it is completely worth it in the long run as you are sure to feel like the ultimate entertainer.  This is definitely something I see Kevin showing off to our friends at our normal get togethers!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $149.99 Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard. Model # 915-000225
Recommendation:  I may be biased since I am a frequent shopper over at Best Buy however you really can't deny the product selection they have.  This is seriously one of the coolest gadgets I've come across in quite some time.  It may be a bit costly but not really when you realize all it can do!
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