Hawaiian OLA Noni Energy/Immunity Review and #Giveaway

Hawaiian OLA
        Not only are there a thousand dieting products available for purchase these days, but there are a ton of energy drinks available which have become insanely popular and for all ages.  I have to be honest, I am one of those people who absolutely loves to drink these for the boost of energy on my sluggish days.

        I hate relying on these though because I know they are packed full of (sorry to say it) sh!t which is terrible for you!  I am super happy that I was recently contacted by Hawaiian OLA and asked to review a few of their health drinks.  They sent me over both of their beverages - Noni Energy and the new Noni Immunity.  Both Noni drinks contain (you guessed it) Noni fruit - "used in traditoinal Hawaiian medicine for over a thousand years, Noni has been found to contain many compounds beneficial to health and well-being."

        Noni Energy is made with Yerba Maté and Green Tea contains 75% fruit juice, is organic, GMO-free, and contains only 35 calories in each bottle.  The energy is a natural energy so please don't expect to be all hyped up after drinking one.  The Noni Immunity is caffeine free, with no sugar added, made with Asperuloside (a natural plant non-inflammatory) and Damnacanthal (which has a cleansing and detox affect).  Both ingredients help fight cancerous cells according to the research I did.

        I could not believe how awesome both of these tasted!  This happened to arrive at the best possible time since my entire family was sick.  After researching the ingredients in the Immunity, I started allowing my kiddos to drink it and they absolutely loved it.  I thought it was cute as anything watching Declan run around with his "baby bottle" of juice!  We even made smoothies with our Nutribullet to help boost everyone's energy and health!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $36 - 12/2 oz Bottles 
Recommendation:  I think this price is average when you can find most energy shots for around 2/$5 and this puts them at $3 each.  I love, love, love how they tasted and so did my kiddos!  I'd definitely like to see some sales or coupons available in the future!  I want to have this on hand 24/7 for me and the kids, it was that tasty!!
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Giveaway:  Hawaiian OLA is going to generously give Two of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a box of Noni Energy and 2 boxes of Noni Immunity each to try of their own to try! Starts 4/3
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  1. I n the summer I love to make a refreshing drink by blending watermelon chunks with some ice cubes, you can add any kind of juice and throw it all in the blender. It's really good.

  2. I have never tasted noni fruit before, I wonder what it tastes like, but if your little ones like it it has to be delicious!

  3. Try it! I'm biased because I work for Hawaiian Ola :) But, if my experience with the company has taught me anything it's that there is a lot of not great tasting Noni out there and for many of our customers, making it taste great is a major way we've set ourselves apart from the rest! Aloha!

  4. In the summer, I do love to buy different types of melons for a terrific fruit salad. I also enjoy any type of ice tea drink or smoothie.
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  5. In the summer, my fave recipes are fresh strawberry lemonade and homemade peach ice cream....yum.

  6. Noni Energy sound great for me to try. I like products with Yerba Mate and I have had tea with it.
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