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        Now I don't know about your family but holiday meals have been a tradition since I can remember. Along with that has also carried a brand name we always know we can expect.  I can tell you that not a thanksgiving has gone by since I can remember that we didn't have a spiral ham for my father.

        Honey Baked Ham has become more than a tradition in just our home but in homes across the country.  I was more than excited to head to my nearest store location when Honey Baked Ham asked us to give them a review for the coming Easter holiday.  In agreeing to visit one of these locations, I honestly hadn't realized what an in depth menu variety they actually had besides the obvious whole hams and turkeys.

        Honey Baked Ham offers an extensive menu which includes a variety of poultry, pork, seafood, and beef as well as sides, appetizers, desserts, and condiments.  They are a perfect place for large scale entertaining, daily family meals, catered professional lunches, and a quick bite to eat for any individual.  When I first arrived at the Sterling Heights, MI store, I was quite overwhelmed as I had no idea they carried all of these products.

        Thankfully there was an awesome gentleman working who was more than happy to help me decide on several items for my purchase based on a few questions he asked me.  I was even able to sample two kinds of the turkey.  I loved the fact that even though he sold me on everything, he wasn't trying to sell and push anything on me.  Once I decided on a turkey type and a ham, he even opened the packages to show me what it looked like so I could be 100% happy about my purchase before leaving the store.

        I have to say even though I've always felt the pricing at Honey Baked Ham was too high, I was able to get quite a bit of food (meat) for the money I spent.  For a total of $101.75, I purchased a half spiral ham, a sliced smoked turkey breast, and two 1 lb. packs of stacked/sliced bacon.  Without even factoring in the quality, when you think about the amount of meat this is with the number of meals/people I can feed, you're really looking at a cheap gourmet meal.  I am thinking probably less than $5 per person.

        I was also excited to find out that "over 40 years ago, Harry J. Hoenselaar began a special tradition when he opened his first The Honey Baked Ham Company store in Michigan. He'd select the finest quality bone-in ham. Cure it in his secret marinade, and then for tenderness, he'd smoke the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips.  He even found a way to slice the ham into perfectly even slices. He invented and patented a unique machine that slices a ham in a single, continuous spiral. The rest is history."  Yeah for Michigan local brands!!

        Now if I am being honest about this entire experience I have to tell you that even though we had planned to have the ham as our Easter Lunch with the entire family, however that didn't quite happen.  In fact, a quarter of the ham didn't live to see that night.  After picking the food up, our mouths watered continuously.  My husband and children begged me to make it for dinner as they couldn't wait to enjoy the gourmet dish we had just picked up!  We decided to pull a portion from both the spiral ham and turkey breast to enjoy a mini gourmet meal just the five of us!

        Not only are we in love with the sense enhancing effects of the Honey Baked Ham products but mouth watering tastes are unlike any others you will find available!  I love that I figured out this time around that the cost is more than worth the purchase and then some when you factor in the gourmet quality.  Because I am constantly making meals and desserts from scratch in my home, Honey Baked Ham also saves me tons of time having everything ready to go on their end!  All I need to do is toss in the oven and enjoy!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $Varies depending on weights, flavors, and even locations!
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Recommendation: Although these seem on the pricier side of products of this nature, I realize now that you are getting more than your money's worth in any purchase you make from Honey Baked Ham.  These meats, meals, sides, desserts, etc. are expertly flavored and absolutely will not disappoint.  My honest and only complaint is that I wasn't allowed to purchase one of everything to sample (for the obvious reasons)!  There are a bunch more products you better believe I will be buying over the next few months to try out!!!
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