The Birdhouse Chick Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder Review and #Giveaway

        Being such a gardening freak can have its ups and downs throughout the year.  This is mostly due to the fact that I live in Michigan and the weather here sucks throughout the winter.  Each spring I look for new and decorative planters to accent the plants I've started over the winter.  I love adding different wind chimes and decorations to the potted plants as well as around the in-ground gardens.

Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder by BirdBrain
        Because we also love to entertain year long and especially outside, I try to bring in certain wild life and keep out others.  Essentially this is how I discovered The Birdhouse Chick.  The Birdhouse Chick is an artisan online boutique with everything you can imagine needing or using when it comes to the wild life.  She even carries a variety of home accents and decor in case the furry/feathered friends are not your thing!

        Growing up and actually to this day my moms backyard is know as the bird haven by all the neighbors in our subdivision.  Because over a decade ago her and my father put in large arborvitae trees to completely seclude our backyard, they are now over 30 feet high.  Bird travel to and from her yard throughout the seasons to nest and live happily.  During the summer, all you can hear is a beautiful choir of birds.

        I, unfortunately have had a few bad summers in my current home when it comes to birds because of where I live.  Thus, putting a bad taste in my mouth about birds in general as well as the idea of having a birdhouse in my yard which would attract them.  The birds here are very aggressive and not afraid of the dogs or people.  The past two summers, they have devoured my fruit trees and bushes making me very angry!

        After checking out everything The Birdhouse Chick had available, I decided the perfect item for me to review would be the Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder by BirdBrain.  I don't want to count the birds out and I would like to attract and feed the right type of wild life!  This hummingbird feeder is absolutely stunning, made from 100% recycled glass and hand blown.

        The Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder holds up to 16 oz. of nectar with two drip free deeding ports.  I love the ant moat she sent me over as well which helps prevent those pesky critters from climbing in and stealing the beautiful hummingbirds food.  I easily used the S-hook this came with to hang it from a Shepard's hook in my back yard.  Once we are able to set up our patio, I just know it's going to be a beautiful sight to sit and enjoy the addition of these birds, especially for the boys!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $29 Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder 
Recommendation:  The prices are great for just about every product available (which is a ton of them) and there are even sales and clearance items which have been discontinued or are out of season!  I really love the uniqueness of this brand as well as the variety available.
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Giveaway:  The Birdhouse Chick is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Bouteille Hummingbird Feeder to enjoy of their own!
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  1. I've been wanting a hummingbird feeder for a while so I'm super excited!

  2. The Zero Soil Garden and Birdhouse Chick are my favorites

  3. I really like the birdhouse feeder because my daughters will have fun watching the hummingbirds eat. :)

  4. I'm excited about the bird feeder. If I win this is going to be my first one

  5. This is so adorable and I am excited about winning... It is so gorgeous and it would be great to get some pics of the hummers at the feeder.I didn't see that there was another prize listed?

  6. I love my hummingbirds, very excited to try to win this feeder! I currently have 1 feeder and constantly have a couple birds fighting over it, would love to have a second feeder hanging by another window!

  7. Well, this appears to be the only prize, but we love birds, and to have a hummingbird feeder would be awesome!

  8. I plant flowers for the Hummingbirds so this would be wonderful to feed them with . It is so pretty for my garden .

  9. You have a lovely site! This is my first time here to find such a lovely hummingbird feeder made out glass rather than plastic is quite a find! I like the fact that you placed an "ant catcher" above the feeder! I have a few warrior birds: Little Bud, Herman, Rocky and the newest addition, Roger, who would certainly enjoy feeding from your lovely feeder! It is absolutely adorable!

  10. I find the Hummingbird feeder very exciting. I have never seen one like this, it's quite lovely.

  11. I have seen this feeder before and I would love to win it.

  12. This feeder is adorable. I think the ant mote would be a great feature on it. this feeder not only would attract humming birds, but is a wonderful accent to the outside décor.

  13. Hummingbirds are my favorite! I would love to see them in my yard.


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