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        It's funny because I had originally planned to use store brand diapers or whatever was cheapest when I first had kiddos but then the first two brands I tried were literally crap.  They fell apart, they would not properly stay on Dane, and they constantly leaked everywhere.  So unfortunately for the other brands I hadn't tried, I gave up all too quickly.

        Now (still) on my second diaper wearer, I have stuck to only one brand over the last five years (a big name brand I won't mention).  Recently I was asked to review the Seventh Generation's Free and Clear Diapers and Wipes.  Even though we are (hopefully) nearing the end of diapering, I was interested to learn about these since my sister just gave birth to her first.

        When these first arrived, I was extremely skeptical because of how they looked.  The diapers had a beyond natural appearance and construction, looking very similar to that of cardboard and tissue.  Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers are made of a chlorine free wood pulp, with the absorbent core containing "corn- and wheat-derived materials to reduce the use of non-renewable petrochemicals."

        After researching these a little more, I also discovered that the reason for the light brown color as opposed to the traditional white color you see in most other diapers, is because they use chlorine-free pigments to color the diapers naturally and safely.  This natural process makes customers aware they ARE using Seventh Generation!

        What started as a concerning factor in using these diapers, quickly turned me onto the diaper and style much more!  To be honest I was beyond surprised about the softness of these as soon as I opened the package.  They were unbelievably fluffy and seemed so comfortable (that is if I was the one wearing them, lol).

        This is one of those feel good companies which plays an all around great role for the environment and for your family.  I am happy to use a product which actually fits my crazy child as he runs wild and while sleeping.  We have honestly had no leaks at night since switching over to this brand a few weeks ago as well as no rashes anywhere!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $10.99 average per package
Recommendation:  These diapers are extremely inexpensive for such an amazing quality. They work and play a great part in the health of your child as well as the environment.
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