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        As blogger I am constantly on the go with technology, style and electronics being a huge part of my life!  Being up on the newest and best in each category is key as it is a huge part of my life.  It has also become a huge part of my growing children's lives.  A problem most of you know I have struggled with since becoming a blogger though has been my weight.  Going from a very active career to a sedentary one has been terrible for my health!

        Not only do I want to get back on track with my health but I want to lead as an example for my children.  I want them to know how important fitness is in living a long, satisfying life!  I am always trying to look for new ways to get more active, diet/eat healthier, and just plain keep me on my game.  So when Best Buy asked me to review iBitz Wireless Activity Monitor, I was more than happy to jump on board!

        I was beyond surprised when this first arrived at how small each tracker actually was!  No larger than a square version of a quarter, the ibitz™ by GeoPalz® is a wireless pedometer.  Not only does the adult ibitz keep "track of your activity and steps, but it incorporates your weight, BMI and more into your overall physical health.

        The children's ibitz™ by GeoPalz® is similar except as the parent, you are able to set goals for your children.  The pedometer will wireless reward the kids for certain activities, reaching their goals, and even participating in parent activities.  By completing these tasks, kids can even now earn coins for play on Disney's Club Penguin™

        The iBitz (adult) version was very difficult to set up.  During the set-up process, you need to see the green and red light on the device which was difficult because the device is black and the light is extremely small.  Also when trying to sync it with my phone, it took quite a few times shaking the device as instructed with nothing registering.  It wasn't until the fifth or sixth time it finally synced. It was much easier to see the lights on the kid's device which is bright orange color. As for the kids app, it was a very easy set up and synced almost instantly.

        The boys were very interested in the app and tracker.  They loved teaming up with Mommy to keep active and had a blast checking out the activities and goals online.  The character on the app is super cute and it's definitely cool that based on the number of steps you take you can get points and trade it in for prizes!  My children seem to be more easily motivated by games and competitions.

        Both devices wirelessly sync to any iOS Bluetooth 4.0® (BLE) phone or tablet.  I am a bit bummed that they do not work with the Android apps yet and hope to see that in the future!   It even comes in 7 kid-friendly colors.  It can be worn on your shoe, clothes, or hip as it easily clips to most anything.  Even better this stores 30 days worth of activity AND is water-resistant (just in case for those kiddos).  Its so small too I barely notice I'm wearing it.

        I love that it allows you to set your daily goals and holds you accountable!  Now I've only been using this and even though it has been telling (reporting back when in sync) that I am not sleeping right OR keeping active enough, it is an eye opener.  Its kind of like my little friend and personal trainer, telling me the things I may not want to hear but HAVE to hear!  I also love the fact that I get the kids reports emailed to me daily!

Available to Purchase:  $49.99 iBitz - Adult Unity Wireless Activity Monitor
$34.99 iBitz - Kids PowerKey Wireless Activity Monitor
Recommendation:  I may be biased since I am a frequent shopper over at Best Buy however you really can't deny the product selection they have.  This is a fantastic price for something so useful.  Plus it helps you get involved in your child's health even easier!
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  1. (#ibitzatBestBuy @BestBuy Review) I could really use one of these for my long walks that I take every other day. I have been wanting to take off at least 40 lbs. this Summer by walking.


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