Ivanabitch® Vodka's Review

        It is no secret that my group of girlfriends are big on the adult beverages.  We get together probably more than we should to enjoy a few (or a lot) of drinks.  We are actually the perfect compliment to each other as well as for the brand we sample. A few of us are micro-brewers and drinkers; A few of us are winemakers and drinkers; A few prefer liquors like vodka or rum; And a select single one of us prefers the taste of whiskey and bourbon to anything else.

        I was really quite thrilled when the brand Ivanabitch® agreed to send me over two of their flavored vodka's.  Ivanabitch® is all about personality and I love it!!  "We’re not for those who sit in the back of the room or hide behind the scenes. Nope. We’re for those who embrace their uniqueness and live for conquering the moment, and doing so with an attitude that says, 'This is who I am.' Ivanabitch Vodka is made using only the finest, most fierce grain spirits and clearest spring water available. Every batch we make is distilled five times to remove any unwanted impurities then triple-filtered over active charcoal to achieve a clean, fresh, taste that is smooth, delicate and full of attitude."

        If you know any of us, you know that fits us perfectly!  I was sent over two flavors to review Whipped Cream and Red Berry. The Red Berry was not my first choice.  So when it arrived, Kevin and I struggled with what to mix it with to keep the drink from being too sweet.  After a few trial and errors, I actually found I enjoyed mixing this with red bull over ice.

        I do have a complaint though regarding this flavor.  Usually, if an alcohol is of a good, high proof, and quality you should be able to keep it in the freezer without concern it will actually freeze.  This was not the case for this one and in fact it froze completely where we couldn't even pour it from the bottle.  This proved to be quite the disappointment for all of us especially when we were planning on taking shots for one of our girls nights.

        Now, I want to start by saying I've tried a few different types of whipped vodka and I love the general flavor.  Ivanabitch was no exception.  This went perfectly tossed and iced or hot coffee and can even be poured directly over ice.   Another summer favorite is blending this up with some orange juice ice and milk for a good creamsicle taste.  The recipe possibilities are endless.  Anyway you like it, it goes down smoothly.  I did not have the same problem with this one freezing and in fact what little amount is left is still in my freezer.

        Everyone's overall opinion was that both of these tasted great and would make a great addition to not only any of our parties but to always have on hand in our bar for "those" nights where an adult beverage is required.  I loved the unique variety in flavors they had to offer so most anyone is sure to find one they enjoy!  These included Traditional, Lemmon, Whipped Cream, Red Berry, Dutch Apple, Coconut, and Orange.

Cost: $varies
Available to purchase: Store Locator (mine zip pulled up it was available at most every party store within a 5 mile radius)
Recommendation:  I liked this quite a bit and so did a few of my friends!  It was perfect for sipping or mixing with a juice and would make a good addition to those "Girls Nights"!
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