Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

        Tell me you aren't someone who wishes your household chores would do things themselves!  I don't care what the reason, it would just be great to have that extra time on my hands.  I bet we could all find something to do instead of cleaning like spending time with our family or children, cleaning something else (doubtful but possible), catching up on a hobby (or sleep), and so much more!

Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner
        Now don't get me wrong I do love to clean as weird as that sounds, just not constantly.  Having children almost means you either are constantly chasing after kids to pick up or you kind of give up hope on ever having a clean home again!  The same goes for having pets.  I feel like my dogs shed more than any other dog on the planet.  Because of this I feel like I am constantly having to vacuum or sweep the floors.  It's just plain obnoxious!

        With moving into the new house, we have been looking into a few different options for keeping things looking new and constantly clean.  Thankfully, we will have hardwood flooring throughout the home so no more carpets to clean.  However, I know we are going to be constantly cleaning the floors still especially with where we are moving.  I am sure the dirt is going to be more noticeable being tracked through the house.

        I couldn't have been more excited to discover the brand Moneual USA!  "Moneual is a company that grafts everyday lifestyles together with the most cutting edge and eco-friendly IT technologies in order to create more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable home and office environments."  This is truly a brand which keeps both style and efficiency in mind when creating their amazing products!

        I was luckily sent over the MONEUAL: RYDIS H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner to review for the generous brand.  This small Hybrid Robot Vacuum weighs a measly 6.8 pounds and is only 13.66” wide.  Let me tell you though size is not a good indicator of the power that comes out of this little vac!  Upon arrival, I doubted it's ability to keep up with the normal traffic and dog hair in my house, and I was very wrong!
        The RYDIS H67 can hold a capacity of 600 ml of dust, dirt, and hair, which is more than you would assume and can be easily emptied without making a mess.  You get to decide the mode that works best for your lifestyle choosing from Mop, Automatic, Intensive, Corner, Manual, Shadow, or Reservation.

        We found that even though the recommended charge time is 120 minutes, your robot vacuum will run just fine with less time, especially if you are in need of a quick run through.  My favorite part is this uses a very little energy at 25 watts, this bad boy can run for more than 240 minutes depending on the cleaning mode you choose.  It also uses an eco-friendly multi-layered HE filter.
        We were beyond impressed with the intelligence of this little gadget as we all watched it perform in awe of it's abilities.  Not only is this vacuum smart enough to locate it's own charger when it needs to rest, you can program it to run each day at specific times.  The vacuum will take care of everything for you - sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

Available to purchase/Cost: $399.99 Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner 
Recommendation:  I thought this was a phenomenal tool for the home and found it to be very effective.  For once it is something that actually worked the way it said it would.  As far as price goes it IS extremely expensive but I honestly seeing this last for quite some time even with my dogs.  I would honestly recommend spending the money on this one.  It is not only quality made but replaces several tools in your cleaning routine AND does the work itself!
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