Wednesday Mother's Day Silver Personalized Locket Review and #Giveaway
        You now I'm not usually a big jewelry person but that doesn't mean I don't like to shop around for it.  Ever since having my children (and even before the boys when I became Alana's mother), I have become obsessed with wearing jewelry which represents who I am.  My children and family being the most important parts of me.  So when asked me to review one of their personalized lockers for Mother's Day, I was thrilled.

        I honestly had seen and heard of the brand before but never realized all of the awesome products they carried what truly amazing work they do personalizing each piece of jewelry!  Building my locket was a blast.  I was able to pick a beautiful icon/graphic for the front which fit my style and so of course you know I went with the Irish clauddagh.  Then, the real fun and surprises began!

        When I think of pockets I think of the pain in the a$$ job it creates of picking a tiny picture.  Which then you have to nearly destroy by cutting it into the finest pieces to actually cram into the designated  locket space.  Only then to have to constantly worry about it falling out and forget even getting it wet without destroying the picture.  But this is completely different and unique. is literally that, pictures engraved specially on your jewelry.  Once I figured this out, I had the darnedest time picking out the perfect pictures of the kids.  Then on the very back of the locket, I was even able to have each of their names engraved.  This is such meaningful piece of jewelry that truly represents the beautiful parts of our lives.

        This is very sturdy made and doesn't feel as though it will break easily if one of the boys get a hold of it.  I love that the design is nice enough to wear for a night out all dressed up or just dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  I haven't taken it off once since it arrived, even in the shower.  I feel as though this is a precious piece of jewelry I will be able to keep close to my heart forever.  It looks like something a young stylish mom would wear and is almost a conversation starter since you wouldn't know right away that it was all engraved.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Starting at $29.95 Build Your Own Locket (but mine was around $175 at the end)
PROMO CODE:  Enter 'MOM2014' at check out to save 10% on all purchases made until May 9th.
Recommendation:  This jewelry really is gorgeous and can be worn by anyone at any stage of their life.  I even think the pricing (although very costly) is worth every penny!  This is something different you wouldn't find anywhere else and for a gorgeous quality made gift that is sure to last!
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