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        So we obviously love our pets and have quite the zoo to prove it.  We don't really call them pets either as they are family.  When you ask one of the kiddos how many family members we have, the number doubles.  We love buying the dogs toys as they need to keep active to stay healthy too.  Though it seems like a waste to buy toys that the dogs will tear up in a few short minutes or even over a few days.  Why buy a toy to be destroyed and not used as much as possible(especially when toys are as expensive as they are).

Tuggo Dog Toy  (BLUE)
        Very rarely I come across a toy that the dogs love and it holds true to its claim of being indestructible especially with my two super-dogs.  When I heard about Tuggo Toy, I knew my dogs would be perfect for their toy.  "The Tuggo is a new one-of-a-kind dog toy that uses weight to provide tension for dogs.The design is a hard, hollow plastic ball with a rope going through the middle that can be pulled from either side providing the tug-of-war effect."

        At first the dogs were a tad scared of the toy because of its size which is pretty funny considering we have two large breed dogs.  After a little convincing they gave it a try and both Rayne and Capone loved it!  We had friends over one night just after it arrived and the kids were dragging Rayne around with it.  The kids had a blast with the dogs!  The Tuggo Toy is a big ball as you can see but the rope is also small enough that a smaller dog would still enjoy playing with it too!
        The toy is very durable, well made and the design is quite unique.  I think it will last for quite a while even with my chewers.  We currently don't have a yard so we rely on toys to keep our dogs active because we love playing around with them.  I love the fact that there is a screw cap on the ball where you can add water to make noise for the dogs to get even more interested in playing with it.

        Once we get into the new house we will definitely be adding the water outdoors for them!  The more water you add the heavier it can get for the bigger dogs to exercise even more.  This is a great toy to get them to running around because they get excited about both playing tug-o-war with the kids and each other.  This helps all around keeping your dog healthy and fit as well as happy!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $34.99 Tuggo Blue or Red 
Recommendation:  Totally love this toy as they seemed to love it and it kept them busy.  Now I do think it is a bit on the expensive side but well worth the purchase!  I think this toy is worth it at this price since it's going to last a long time in my house.
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Giveaway:  Tuggo Dog Toy is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Tuggo Toy of their own!  The giveaway begins 5/12 so come back and enter for your chance to win 1 of 3!!
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  1. I'm most excited about the blue Tuggo toy. I know my dogs wont be interested in it so my hope is to donate it to a dog in need if I win.

  2. I know my dogs would love the "The Tuggo toy. My dogs love to play tug of war and this would be perfect for my two large dogs Artie and Kouga.

  3. I am most excited about the Tuggo toy because I have two puppies that are teething and they would love it.

  4. I'm excited about the Tuggo Dog Toy because my dog loves toys and chews most of them to bits.

  5. i think my doggy would love the tuggo toy. he loves playing tug of war so this would be perfect for him, excited for the chance to win this!

  6. I would like the Tuggo Dog toy in red. I would give to my sister for her dog.

  7. The tuggo toys would be great!

  8. I am excited about the raised feeder.

  9. My doxie thinks he's a Doberman and would love to play with that and thinking he's super strong, thank you !

  10. I have a rotte who would love the tuggo toy, she lover toys she can pull and squeeze!

  11. The Tuggo Toy would quickly become my 7 year old Beagles favorite toy. That sounds like the perfect toy for him.
    Samantha (samdaleo)

  12. I am most looking forward to the raised feeder.

  13. Ralph would LOVE this tug toy its his favorite thing to play with

  14. I am excited about the Tuggo in Blue. Our dog loves to play tug. I lie that it lasts a long time.


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