When She Makes More: 10 Rules For Bread Winning Women" Review

My life has taken a drastic change over the past year and a half, though definitely for the better.  I went from a wife who was making less than a living wage to a single mother of two who is now capable of supporting not only myself, but also my children.  They now have more than what they could possibly want because of what I make.  I have done this by working hard to gain a much better paying job and yes I did have to sacrifice the hours that I work and am away from the home, but it has proven to be well worth it in the long run.

Now that I have re-entered the dating world and have found a pretty amazing guy, I have found myself being the one who makes more money in the relationship which is a huge switch for me.  So having the opportunity to read the book "When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Bread Winning Women" by Farnoosh Torabi really made me excited.  Finally a book that could help me understand my new role and how to keep my new relationship healthy and happy as well as from falling into the same old roles and feelings. This book talks about all the pitfalls that occur when a women is forced into the workforce because of the economic crash.

Obviously the economy majorly suffered a few years back, and the men (main bread-winners) lost their jobs forcing their wives into the workplace where they succeeded quite well.  It seems that when in this situation the men feel emasculated and the women feel resentful of the men. Women feel they still need to do all the house work and hold down a job that keeps that away from home for 40+ hours a week.  I can see where this could easily happen.

When I was married, I worked a split shift but was out of the house 8 hours a day/week.  I was still expected to keep a hot meal on the table, take care of the children, keep up with chores inside and outside of the house.  Because my husband was the main earner and worked long hours, he expected it and I received no help from him, even when I needed it most.  I also became resentful and depressed and even though that was not what ended my marriage, it was a very difficult time for me.

I enjoyed this book as it gave me ideas of what to do in different situations in this new relationship as well as things to avoid doing.  I really like how Farnoosh shares her own story and the stories of other women that she talked to during her research for the book.  The one thing that I could have done less with was all the facts and findings that were shared in the book from other people's research.  I am glad that her information is backed up, but I would have rather learned from hearing her stories with a few facts, not tons written into the entire book.  I tend to listen to other's past experiences as they seem more genuine.  But other than that it is a good advice book and I did learn from reading it.

Cost/Available to purchase: $10.99 When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women
 Recommendation:  I do think this is an expensive price not only for a Kindle version of a book, but a self help book at that, yet it was a very insightful and helpful book.  If you are finding yourself in a situation in where you are unexpectedly find yourself the person who makes more in the relationship when this was not the case I suggest you read this book to avoid common pitfalls that happen when the two people are not used to the switch in order to save your own sanity along with your relationship.
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