Gaiam Floral Reversible Outdoor Rug Review

        I have never really given much thought to rugs and or carpeting as the different types never meant anything to me.  At the last two homes, we had white carpeting so we used rugs throughout the home but I never paid attention to quality, thickness, or hardiness.  Moving into the new house, we will have hardwood throughout so the rugs will be used but not for the same reasons.

        We've been doing a different type of rug shopping for the new house because of the outside now instead.  We are constantly entertaining outside and as I've said tons of times before, using any excuse to be outside and the new house has a deck.  However, the deck seems to be in need of some TLC but we are thinking that just isn't in the cards this summer.  So our plan is to have an outdoor rug or carpeting to prevent the little ones from getting slivers as easily and to look more visually appealing in the meantime!

        So when I was given the opportunity to review an item from Gaiam for the outdoors, I knew right away what I was going to choose!  I was sent over the 4x6 Floral Reversible Outdoor Rug to review.  Let me start by saying, this was nothing that I expected but in a good way!  Maybe it was that I hadn't fully read the description or that I only paid attention to the design.

        Created from recycled plastic, this rug has a very hardy feeling and is reversible for an alternative look.  I like that even though the material (plastic) is hard so you know it is going to last outside in the different weather conditions, it still feel soft and not crunchy or picky.  It is even rot and mildew resistant so I can feel confident leaving it out.  I can even easily spray it off with a hose without worrying that it won't ever dry or will mold in the process!

        I was also very pleasantly surprised that this came with eco-friendly jute carry bag which I wasn't expecting.  It rolls up perfectly and very light weight compared to any other rug I've had.  This way it can perfectly be used for travel with the kids to the beach or to watch the local fireworks like we will be doing this weekend!  I feel like this is even easier than carrying a blanket for these types of travel.

Available to purchase/Cost: $68 Floral Reversible Outdoor Rug 
Recommendation:  Um, yes can I have another!  I love that this is made from recycled materials, light weight, and can be used for a variety of things/activities!  I am absolutely obsessed with the quality that Gaiam produces.  And honestly I usually feel like their products are bit pricier but this is a very inexpensive home good!
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  1. This is a beautiful outdoor rug. One of the prettiest I have seen.


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