Hamptons Lane Monthly Box Review and #Giveaway

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        Now I will take pretty much any opportunity I can to review anything and everything kitchen/food related.  I cook meals from scratch at least five days a week for my family.  Not only do I love to cook and eat but I come from a strong background of 10+ years in restaurant training.  I consider myself to be pretty particular about what I feed my family as well as the gadgets I use to prepare those meals.  I especially love showing off these skills cooking anything gourmet for my friends and family!

        I was pretty psyched when the company Hamptons Lane contacted me in hopes of working together.  "Hamptons Lane provides the food lover with the tools they need to enhance their culinary experience as chef, entertainer, and eater.  By carefully sourcing the best ingredients, kitchen tools, serveware, and local artisan foods, we help chefs everywhere expand their culinary horizons – all for a great price."

        With monthly subscription services becoming a huge trend, our lives are becoming a bit simpler.  By making it easier to not only sample new products without full commitment but bringing products from near and far right to your doorstep.  What first attracted me to Hamptons Lane was the fact that you could tell your monthly box was going to more than worth the money.  The products on the website do not appear to be samples only or of a cheap quality.

        So then, the next question is...was I right to assume a gourmet box, worth every penny was going to end up on my doorstep?  With the cost of the monthly box at $45 per month, I feel like this is one of the more costly monthly subscriptions, so I definitely wanted to evaluate it's worth!  I was luckily sent over two different boxes so I could truly get a good idea of what they had to offer.  The first box to arrive was the May Coastal Italy and two weeks later the June Picnic

        The Coastal Italy Box included (with the ARV for each product separate from the box), a Blade Wine Aerating Pourer by Menu ($20), $25 Wine Gift Card to Lot18, Award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Antichi Uliveti Sardinia ($34), Tipo 00 Flour by Antimo Caputo, Naples ($4), Colatura di Alici by Nettuno, Cetara on the Amalfi Coast ($28), IGP Spaghetti Pasta by Pastificio Faella, Gragnano in Campania ($16).

        Total box value...a whopping $127!  I would say that is more than your moneys worth for this one!  Most of the items in this box are even difficult to find in the U.S. so for you culinary experts you know this is a great deal!  The average prices I found and listed were even deals on amazon so you can imagine you are getting almost 3x the amount worth that you pay for.  I loved how they even included recipes for the products included in the box and that went perfectly along with the theme of this one!

        The Gourmet Picnic Box included (with the ARV for each product separate from the box), American Flag Wine Tote from tote + able ($21), Custom Olivewood & Carbon Steel Knife from Pallares-Solsona ($49), Meaux Mustard from Pommery, Meaux ($22), Fig & Onion Jam from Anarchy in a Jar ($8), Sweet Heat Pickles from Backyard Brine ($4), and a 15% off coupon code for Murray's Cheese Shop. Total box value...another one worth $104!  Making this one just over 2x the value!  I wasn't as impressed this one as with the Coastal Italy box BUT that is only because of my taste preferences.

        I was super excited checking out all the other boxes that are currently running or have in the past, and I know I am definitely ordering myself tons in the future!  The Southwestern Fiesta Box and the Summer Cocktail Party Boxes both look very enticing and have me quite tempted to buy right away for my summer entertaining!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $45/Monthly Subscription
Recommendation: Although this is on the pricier side for monthly subscriptions, you can see by my numbers it is more than worth the purchase (even just once).  If you are a fellow foodie out there or just someone looking to experience something a bit different that you might not be able to find where you live now, then buy it!  You will not be disappointed!
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Giveaway:  Hamptons Lane are going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a one Month Box of their own!
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  1. this looks so yummy ;) am hoping to get to try them all

  2. Im from CA but Moved to FL. I defiantly prefer the west coast weather more then the humid air in Florida. You have bad hair days for the whole summer.


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