Hello Cheri Products Review and #Giveaway (Adult Content)

**Adult Content**
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        So this next review is going to potentially be one of those borderline adult conversations and a bit more personal so if you don't care to hear about this subject, please stop reading this time around :)....

Hello Posh
        Ok, I am not shy by any means about really anything.  I have an extremely outgoing personality but it is what makes me who I am.  My husband and I were brought up in two totally different worlds by families with opposite beliefs.  One of the biggest differences is the roles of women in a relationship AND how open with their sexuality they can be.
Hello Rendezvous French Vanilla
        My husband is an amazing one...BUT he is not very romantic or giving in any way, shape, or form.  I usually have to ask for those special "thinking of you moments" or bluntly tell him when I am in the mood for something.  The older we get, the more meaningful it is to get a long and even sensual massage.  We are still very active in sports and with our children, and our bodies are overall sore constantly.

        As I am sure with a lot of individuals a massage can totally lead to something sexual with me.  I am constantly asking Kevin to give me massages, but it turns into me begging for one because he too is sore.  So when I was asked to review the massage line of products over at Hello Cheri, I knew it would be a way to get Kevin excited to try something new!
Hello Amour Shea Cashmere

        I was sent over an awesome gift basket which included Hello Amour Shea Cashmere Massage Oil, Hello Bisou Massage Lotion, Hello Rendezvous French Vanilla Massage Candle, Hello Unicorn Massage Stone, Hello Posh Warming Heart, and the Hello Aqua Water-Based Lubricant.  I was most excited to try the Massage Stone as I have never given something like this a try.

        I tend to enjoy the more aggressive massages to really work my muscles.  I figured the stone would help with something like this.  Unfortunately I have to say I was a bit wrong as this seemed more painful to use than my husbands hands.  I do know you can heat it up and cool it off for a different type of affect though which we have not tried just yet.
Hello Unicorn
        The Massage Candle works perfectly with or without the Warming Heart as the oil/wax never gets too hot.  It heats to a perfectly warm temperature and is made with 100% pure soybean oil.  This rubs in easily without a grease or film and can be wiped up with soap and water if you get too carried away.  I especially love using the Warming Heart since it is a click heater pack which I've used in the past for sore muscles and they are super easy to use and reuse constantly!

        The Massage lotion was a bit on the disappointing side to me personally, since it seemed to be almost not greasy enough.  It was very dry and we had to use a ton when it came to my turn rubbing Kevin down.  We definitely preferred the Cashmere Massage Oil and although I had no idea what to expect this to smell like, I thought it was very pleasant and not too overpowering!
Hello Bisou
Available to Purchase/Cost: Total Package Value $134.70 Massage Products 
Recommendation:  Not only is this a very tasteful website, the pricing is very reasonable for these types of products.  They carry a decent variety and have everything categorized perfectly.  I'd love to see what else they come up with in the future as I definitely plan on buying from them again!
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Giveaway:  Hello Cheri is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Massage Gift Pack to have of their own!
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  1. I had hoped to win this before. I love massage oils!

  2. I prefer the dry heat of the west. I feel nasty and sticky when it's humid.

  3. love this gift :) and I think in every relationship there comes a time ' well you know , needs a little help :) wink wink


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