Miraclesuit Bathing Suit Review

        This next company I cannot begin to tell you excited I am that I discovered them.  I have the hardest time finding flattering clothing for myself let alone bathing suits OR bras.  When I was younger and only a "DDD"  cup I could still find suits when we would vacation in Florida at the beach shops.  But now that I am 32 and after two kids I am a "G", it  is nearly impossible to find something appropriate in my size.

        I can't run around in a skimpy little outfit with my tatas hanging out!  A bikini bathing suit like I would have worn back in college would just plain embarrass myself and of course my kids.  When it comes to women's clothing, swimsuits, and lingerie, it seems like companies give up on you after you pass the "D" size.  Like you are required to wear granny bras and forget about lingerie or flattering clothing.  Going to the beach or pool is a joke because I feel required to wear a "Mommy Suit".

        So when I discovered Miracle Suit during my most recent internet search, I was not about to pass them up.  They ACTUALLY make sexy swimsuits, cover-ups, and clothing in up to size 20.  Their swimsuits are not only super cute AND appropriate for the curvier girls like myself, but they also can make you look and feel sexy at any size!  "Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds...the time it takes to slip on a MiracleSuit."

        I was lucky enough to get two swimsuits from Miracle Suit to review.  You would have thought I was picking out a car as it took me forever to choose between all the styles.  After a family vote and much debate, I picked out the Spot On Sweetie Pie Tankini and the Colorblock Adrienne One Piece.  Immediately once these arrived, I headed to my parents to show them off and swim with the boys!  My mother knew the bathing suit brand right away and even ran to the bedroom to show me hers!

        I immediately tried on the one piece dress style bathing suit to find (YES!) it actually fit.  My tatas were appropriately supported, not hanging out or drooping down to my belly button, and even nicely concealed.  I didn't have a uniboob or four because of extra cleavage or a completely flatten set of boobs which all around is disturbing...needless to say I was thrilled.  Even though I picked this one out on a whim, I am thrilled at how purfect it holds my stomach in and shows off my figure.

        The tankini, I decided to let me best friend try out since she is built almost identically.  She was thrilled at how supportive the top was without even using the straps!  The bottoms fit tightly and reach up to under the breast helping prevent any muffin tops or odd rolling.  I do have to say I would like to see these made with the tags in a different location such as the outside of certain pieces since they would still be hidden.  Because this is basically like wearing a spanx bathing suit the fit is so tight that the tag itches quite a bit.  I had to tear mine out, it drove me so nuts!

        I cannot begin to tell you how much I am in love with my new suits AND how obsessed I am with purchasing more than just another bathing suit!  They also have things like Miracle Body Jeans, MiracleSuit and MagicSuit Coverups, and tons of mix and match bathing suits!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $100 Spot On Sweetie Pie Tankini Top 
$168 Colorblock Adrienne 
Recommendation:  I would recommend this company to any of you curvy women out there whether your a big girl or just plain busty.  They will forever have a customer in me!  I will not be buying from another similar company any time soon because of how wonderful they have been, their selection, and quality.  Even with pricing at such a higher price point, I think it is well and worth it since these also seem like something that is going to last for quite some time!
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  1. Thanks for the review. It totally sucks to find suits as they are "old lady" suits or not supportive enough. I'll check out this company!


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