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        Okay, as much as I love being that go to person for product recommendations - I am not into shopping for clothes.  I spend so much time at home (and in all honest in yoga pants), that I prefer doing my shopping online.  I do think I have style but it is just very different shopping for myself than say my teenage daughter.

        I have such an awkward figure since I am so busty on top.  I tend to have quite an odd taste that is across the board in style.  I am rarely changing my likes and dislikes when it comes to style at this age.  Although, I am still forced to keep up with the trends having a teenager and being a product reviewer.  When the brand Anotomie asked me to review some of their clothing pieces, I almost instantly fell in love.

        I was immediately drawn to the styles which seemed to be made perfectly for me!  I was pretty put off though at first look at the pricing as it was higher than most of the places I've shopped over the past 5 years.  Still, I wanted to see if the quality was truly worth the price or if it was all paying for a brand name?  I picked out the Madonna Cargo Pants and the Talya Tank top with stripes.

        Once my outfit arrived, I very quickly noticed the fabric quality and how silky smooth it was.  The material felt super soft and comfortable to wear anywhere or for any length of time.  I felt like the top fit pretty true to size however the pants where extremely long.  Knowing I am a short 5'3", I usually expect most pants to be a little too long needing a hem or fold but these are extremely long.  I almost feel as if they were made for a super model!  You can even see in my pictures how long they are with 5 inch heels on!

        I loved the conservative look without the frumpy mom design that I feel like you find in most styles for adult women.  All the models just look so naturally beautiful in each design and like a REAL person not just another model.  I felt like both top and bottom were pretty slimming and fit very comfortably!  I loved so many of their other designs too!

        I also noticed a good drop in a few of their prices as well as some detailed photos which weren't on the website when I first did my shopping.  I love that some of the articles of clothing even have a 360 model view so you can see all details which was not available before as well!  I think this is an awesome brand which is constantly improving and keeping up with trends!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $199 Madonna Cargo Pants 
$125 original now priced at $99 Talya Top 
Recommendation:  This is definitely a classic and stylish company!  Whether you are the modern business woman or a modest housewife there is something available for you here.  The pricing is a little high but when you factor in the quality it makes it an even better deal!
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