Grub Hub USA The Ultimate Camp Kitchen Review and #Giveaway

The Ultimate Camp Kitchen
        I have never been and probably never will be a high maintenance kind of chick that requires a lot to survive.  We used to camp a ton when I was little and I was always the first one booted from the campers into a tent.  The tradition of camping has been such a memorable one that now having children of my own I want them to enjoy the same great experiences I had as well as form those great memories and traditions for our own family.

        Usually we camp several times a year and of course tons of tailgating whenever possible.  I was beyond thrilled to learn about this next product which is perfect for these types of activities and more.  The Grub Hub is basically a camp kitchen but in my opinion so much more.

        "The Grub Hub® stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in 3 minutes to provide tables, stove support, lantern support  and organization needed for a complete campsite."  Because there are tons of compartments and racks, you have room to store everything you need for your camping trip.  There are even built in features which make the cleanup just as easy!  "All components are engineered for extended outdoor use in all weather conditions."

        Once the grub hub arrived we of course tossed it together in the living room to check it out.  At first try, this can prove to be a bit tricky to toss together even while following directions.  However once you've done it once it pops up like nothing and you have a full kitchen setup it seems within seconds.

        I freaking love this product and felt like the Jones of camping sporting this outside our Amish cabin this past weekend.  We had tons of other campers coming over to check out our gadget filled campsite.  Its funny because as we were packing and having a discussion around what other items we needed, Chantel said "I think you have everything but the kitchen sink."  Amy quickly chimed it, "nope Randi even has that covered as well! "

        This bad boy has all the prep space you need for cooking or even makes for a nice little buffet line.  It keeps everything you need in one spot - paper towel, utensils, trash and storage of anything else you may need.  There are compartments everywhere you look and a huge adjustable shelving space underneath.  We were able to store all of our snacks underneath not only while camping but to and from without crushing or damaging anything instead of having to pack separate bags which would have only taken up more space.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $379.99 Grub Hub® Camp Kitchen - Mesa
Recommendation:  This is going to last a long time and is at a great price for such an awesome investment!  If you tailgate a lot this is definitely something worthwhile to purchase for this purpose as well!
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Twitter: @grubhubusa

Giveaway:  Grub Hub USA is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a $200 Grub Hub® Gift Certificate to get one of their own!
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  1. This unit is awesome. The article was interesting and informative. I want one.

  2. We would love this. I LOVE how it all fits together into the backpack! This would save on trips from the truck to the camping site. This whole thing looks like it can be used pretty close to some of the rivers we go to, making our whole camping experience easier.

  3. This is so great we camp twice a month and we could use a great item like this it would make life easier and we are excited to have new item with us on our trips,

  4. My family and I love to go camping and I'd love to win this so I'd have one of the coolest camping accessories to bring with me every year. When we go camping the camping spots usually have the outdoor grills that are extremely dirty so we won't use them and just find a restaurant to go to but I'd rather just stay at the campsite and make my own stuff and save money for better things.

  5. I am excited to win because I just took my 1st camping trip in 20+ yrs & now Im addicted..LOL We need tons of stuff & this would be an amazing addition to our camping equipment, I have actually been looking on Amazon for camping kitchens & this would be great to win. Our next big trip is planned for Labor Day weekend to the Great Smokey Mtns. & this would be great to have for the family.. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  6. I am most excited about this give away because we too camp several times a year. This would be so handy ! IT would keep me organized. No more trying to recall if I put the sugar in this tub or that bag. IT would all be right there in one spot! SUPER AWESOME! Yet another cool product you have introduced to us , your readers, Thank you Randi!

  7. It would be great because my family doesn't spend much outside except for swimming at the neighborhood pool. I would love for us to get out more as a family. I remember having those great times with my family growing up. It would be great to share those kinds of things with my kids.

  8. Thsi would be such a great help in keep the clutter cleaned up from the tables at our camp site. I just took my 1st camping trip in 20+ yrs & now I am hooked. This would be such an amazing gift for our trips.. THANKS!!!

  9. Never camped before but I sure would love to.
    We do tailgate and I think this would be just the thing to have.

  10. I am excited to win because this would greatly help us build up our camping equipment. We just got into camping & LOVE it!! Thanks for the chance

  11. I am excited to win this gift card because it will allow us to be more efficient with our camp sites & be able to keep things better organized. This would be such a great help.. Thanks for the help!!!

  12. This would be so great for our next camping trip..We love to go camping in maine or new hampshire near the beach

  13. This $200 gc would be so great because I have been looking at these camping kitchens. It would great to be able to have all the kitchen stuff in one area & not have to move from place to place to make room to sir or just socialize. This is a wonderful giveaway.. Thanks!!

  14. I would love to win this great product. Iit would be great to have all pf that table space for tailgates and cookouts.

  15. I am most excited to win this gift card because their products look very useful!


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