Kids Relief® Teething Oral Solution Review

        I was recently asked to review another product from the brand Kids Relief which I couldn't have been happier about the timing of.  I was sent over the Kids Relief® Teething Oral Solution and my original plan was to use this for my nephew who is currently teething.  Jaxon is getting his fourth baby tooth in and is not enjoying it one bit at all!

        Kids Relief Teething Oral Solution is homeopathic formula which you can easily (and obviously) give to your child orally.  It "helps relieve indispositions caused by teething."  Note that this product is safe to use for infants under a year even.  It is also recommended for up to age 9 which leads me into the next reason I am thrilled to review this one.

        Dane just so happens to have gotten his first loose tooth over the last few weeks (yes weeks).  He has been so afraid to have any one pull it that he has been wiggling it so much it is actually causing pain in his gums.  Because the Teething Oral Solution relieves gum pain and inflammation, this worked perfectly for Dane and the loss of his first baby tooth!
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Recommendation:  I believe in the quality and the quickness that this product brings relief.  It is definitely worth the money knowing that your little one will not suffer with oral pain (and even the side effects of it) for very long.
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