Brass Hose Nozzle from Pro Accessories Review

        Now it may not seem like a big deal to those who don't spend a lot of their time outdoors, but I have learned over the years that is is very important to have a quality hose and hose nozzle.  With watering my garden so frequently I want something that is going to last as I travel around my yard.  With moving into the new house, we will have a ton more property and will need something that can really get some distance and last.

        I was very excited when I was asked to review the Brass Hose Nozzle from Pro Accessories.  Not only have we been talking about the need for a power washer of some sorts but we knew we would need a new hose nozzle since our last one weathered over the last year and cracked.

        This bad boy is made from professional quality brass and chromed brass and will spray up to 40 feet.  Virtually indestructible, this even has a 5 year guarantee.  There are a variety of spray patterns with a design that won't clog easily or leak.  I am beyond pumped at the quality of this tiny tool.  I can water my garden gently OR power wash my truck since I now live on a dirt road!

Available to purchase/Cost:$24.95 Hose Nozzle - Chromed Brass
Recommendation:  I've got to say I thought this was fairly inexpensive for a product which worked as well as it does.  While we've only owned it for a few short weeks, I foresee it lasting several years even with how much we are planning on using it.
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