Dial Coconut Water and Mango Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash Review

        I am generally a very low maintenance chick (at least in my eyes, lol).  I have since I can remember showered with plain old soap instead of body wash like most women as well.  I have to say, I never would have given any thought to using a body wash up until I was recently asked to review Dial's new Coconut Water and Mango Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash.

        The Coconut Water and Mango Body Wash honestly made my mouth water when I first opened the container.  It had such a strong and invigorating smell.  The wash quickly suds up, soaked into my skin making it even softer, and leaving a very pampered feel.  Although I do prefer the scrubs this wash was a perfect refresher for any shower.

        I am huge on smells and have the strongest of noses (in my opinion).  You can find great beauty products but if the scent isn't there its a waste of money in my eyes.  I love that the smell lasted even after my shower and Kevin even complimented how great I smelled.

Recommendation:  I love that this is such a popular brand that you can find at most stores locally.  I can't wait to buy some of the other scents to test out as this is already almost gone between me and Alana!
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