Dormco The Dorm Bench Review and #Giveaway

        Over the course of the past two years, Kevin and I have been working our butts off to save money and fix our credit so we can finally moved into a new house with our children.  We've also been working hard to clear up our credit for our teenage daughter nearing her freshman year of college.  Now that we have worked extremely hard to change everything for the better, we are going through the process to move into a (new to us) home hopefully in the next month.

        With that being said, we are trying to plan Alana's decor around a college dorm room theme AND trying to make her move an easier one.  Thankfully I've been given the wonderful opportunity to work with the brand Dormco for the School Spirit Giveaway event and couldn't be more thrilled.

        I was sent over one of Dormco's newest products for Back to School and Dorm Life - The Dorm Bench with Storage Seating in Light Gray!!  Measuring 34"L x 16"W x 16.5"H, this bench features both extra seating and storage space.  Not only is it cushioned seating for those small dorm room spaces but you can use this to store and transport extra clothes, blankets, sporting stuff, etc. to and from school!

        With Alana heading off to college soon, I decided this would be an awesome accessory to have in her room and even to take with her to the college dorms.  I felt it would be perfect to transport clothing or blankets back and forth as she needs.  Not only did this arrive very quickly, it is extremely lightweight.  Carrying it even loaded full is not difficult!

        When the bench first arrived, Alana was out of town and the boys quickly claimed it for the time being!  Almost instantly, they were picking up their toys and clothes and placing them into it as well as playing inside it since they could both fit into it easily and comfortably.  Overall I feel like this is an extremely sturdy and trendy bench which my boys have already put to the test jumping and climbing all over it.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $76.39 Dorm Bench w/ Storage
Recommendation:  Um, I've got to say I truly think this is the place to go for Dorm Room Accessories and Furniture of any kind!  Their prices are phenomenal compared to those I've seen on most other sites and in stores and the product that arrived on my door steps is not a cheaply made one!
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Twitter: @DormCo

Giveaway:  Dormco is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $25 Gift Card to purchase something of their own!  This is part of the "School Spirit" M.O.O.N. Giveaway Event held from 8/13-8/27!
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  1. My son is 7, goes to a public school, and will be starting 2nd grade this year!


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