Fun Physics Toys Review and #Giveaway

        Its funny, when I was graduating High School, I was very much a tomboy.  I would work on cars and was studying engineering.  As the oldest of three girls, my father wasn't thrilled to see me going into such a masculine career.  But then I was the first in four generations to have a boy and two at that.  I love the way they learn and the amount of energy they have.  I finally have two little ones to share that same passion for constructing, deconstructing, and figuring things out.

        Being boys, they enjoy the more interactive activities when it comes to learning.  So we have always tried to incorporate those types of games and crafts during our day time together.  I was beyond thrilled to discover a brand which felt the same as all of us.  Fun Physics Toys are a way to make the best out of play time by learning and building skills at the same time.

        Fun Physics is "a family of Parent Engineers who believe that toys need to invoke curiosity, creativity, and the understanding of the magic (science) in our natural world.  In doing so, we spark imaginations and excite children to explore, learn, and discover."  I was sent over two products which I thought would fit perfectly with both boys interests which included the Dinosaur Fossils and the Squigz Set.

        With Dane's ongoing obsession with Dinosaurs, I figured the fossil kit would be a perfect gift for him!  Children can actually fossilize their own dinosaur bones and then dig them up like a real paleontologist.  They will even be able to reconstruct them into a complete skeleton.  They will have the opportunity to use the same tools and learn how history is made by finding these prehistoric bones and clues!

        Squigz are suction cup building toys which attach easily to each other and any solid, non-porous surface.  The boys loved manipulating the Squigz to create items from their imagination.  Anything from weird creatures to geometrical shapes.  I love that these especially inspire the boys creativity while building their fine motor skills.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $13.40 Dinosaur Fossils 
$25 Squigz 
Recommendation:  I definitely recommend checking out all the educational products they have.  I think the pricing is great for all of these products too!  I can definitely tell you, I expect to be buying some Christmas presents from Fun Physics so I know the boys are getting something both fun and educational this year.
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Giveaway:  Fun Physics is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Learning Package* to have of their own!
*Physics: Simple Machines, Science Experiments On the Go, and Math Perplexors - Basic Level
This is part of the "School Spirit" M.O.O.N. Giveaway Event held from 8/13-8/27!
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  1. This is the most exciting prize in this giveaway. It would be fun to use these in our homeschool with my two boys.


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