Hey Arnold! The Complete Series DVD Review

        While I hadn't watched this show when I was a preteen, Kevin sure did.  Hey Arnold was a very popular show for a lot people in my generation growing up.  So when I was asked to review the Hey Arnold! The Complete Series, I knew it would be something the boys would enjoy watching with Daddy!  Hey Arnold! The Complete Series was released to DVD exclusively at Walmart, on August 19th, 2014, by Shout Factory Kids, in collaboration with Nickelodeon!

        My daughter who is now 16 was quick to point out how she used to watch it a ton as a child and that she knew the boys would watched it and love it!  She told me I needed to get it as they would love to have it available always at the house.  This DVD set includes 16 DVD's featuring all 99 original episodes of the hit Nickelodeon series.

        The synopsis says "Life in the big city is one big adventure for Arnold. Living with his grandparents, who run the Sunset Arms boarding house, Arnold shares a roof with a diverse and unusual menagerie of characters (including his pet pig!). But as any fourth grader knows, some of the most memorable people you’ll ever meet are in school. With friends like Arnold’s (including storyteller Gerald, class jinx Eugene, sometime-bully Harold, and the tomboy Helga, who harbors a secret crush on our hero), you can be sure that he’s got some funny exploits to share with fans."

        I have to say not only is Dane happy to watch this constantly but Declan is totally obsessed with this show.  It was filled with tons of action and comedy!  Both boys have watched ALL 16 disks dozens of times already and in fact it was our most recent day off video of choice!!      

Suggested Retail Pricing: $26.94 Hey Arnold! 
Recommendation:  Both boys enjoyed watching this and I actually thought it was pretty cute too!  It was nice to have the entire set so those of us non-children don't have to worry about repeat episodes constantly going!  I definitely think even at almost $30 its worth it to purchase since I know we sure have watched our moneys worth already.
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