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        There are so many products that are around nowadays that I am extremely jealous of now that I'm an adult.  I feel like even though it's fairly obvious that with the advances in technology of course comes better products, it still isn't totally fair.  I am happier than anything that life will be a little easier for my children but still a little jealous inside.  That being said, one of those items I wish I would have had back in college, would be the Livescribe pens.  

        "Livescribe is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of smartpens, enabling customers to capture, search and share handwritten notes on the digital devices they use every day. Livescribe makes the only smartpens on the market that synchronize handwritten notes with recorded audio, making the ubiquitous pen more useful in today’s world."

        Thankfully I was sent over the Livescribe Echo to review.  Let me tell you I would have killed for something like this when I was in college. Being old school in the the ways of note taking, this would have been a great tool to have.  I am thrilled that my soon to be college daughter will have it to start out the school year right!

        This awesome gadget has the ability to record everything you write using it, everything you say to it, or anything you hear (such as parts of lectures).  This little pen holds 200 hours of audio (2GB).  Then using a USB cable, you can transfer everything to your computer to study, share, or whatever you might like.  You can even connect headphones if you want to listen directly from the device.  It's literally that easy and works exactly as it says!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $119.95 Livescibe Echo 
Recommendation:  I LOVE, love, love this and can tell you I don't plan on sending Alana off to school without this.  I feel like this is a must have for any student in high school or college.  I even plan on getting myself another one for when I hand write my own reviews or attend conferences.
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