Personal Planner Wall Planner Review and #Giveaway

        I have always been a very organized person throughout most of my life.  You can even ask my mother.  Unlike most other average children, my room was always very neat, I had a savings built up before I was 15, and my schedule for the week was always very well planned out.  I am never late or I honestly begin to freak and chaos of any sort in my home makes me a little crazy (okay a lot of crazy).

        One of the biggest challenges I have ever had to overcome once having children is dealing with the chaos a little one brings into our lives.  Something that I can promise is that NO ONE understands what it is like to be a mother (especially a stay at home mother) until you are one.  To be honest, I belittled others cutting the job down that they did until I myself became one.  There truly is a lot to keep straight and organized as well as little ones to never take your eyes off all while trying to taking care of yourself.

        Personal Planners asked me to review one of their truly personalized planners recently.  I chose the to create my own Wall Planner.  Again, truly personal you are able add in your families pictures to each column, color code them as their favorite colors, and even choose the types of activities or tasks you want to see listed on YOUR planner.  Each page shows one weeks worth of scheduling so when hung up you have a two week spread.

        Once ordered, the expected turn around time for printing is supposed to be three weeks however mine took 17 days from the date of order to the date it was shipped out.  I have to say I love that I now have a planner that every one in my family can use.  Declan can't read yet but he knows blue is his column.  We were able to personalize tasks specifically for me and different ones for each of the children!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $34.95 Hanging Wall Planner 
Recommendation:  This planner is beyond perfect to keep any mothers sanity (or at least to a minimum).  I wish I had one of these when my kids were first born!  The price seems expensive at first for a calendar but not for something this personalized!  I'd like to see even more options available in the future for creating specific tasks and such!
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Giveaway:  Personal Planner is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers any size planner to have of their own!  This is part of the "School Spirit" M.O.O.N. Giveaway Event held from 8/13-8/27!

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