Teach My Learning Sets Review and #Giveaway

        I am extremely excited to share with you the exciting news that the Newest Teach My Learning Sets, a brand I've worked with in the past are now available at ToysRus Stores Nationwide!!  Not only is this big news for the brand but for you as well since they are going to be easier to purchase for your growing kiddos!

The four newest sets include:

  • Teach My Baby Animal Babies introduces babies to 8 animals and their babies. Using a coordinated board book, play mat and 8 animal play pieces, babies can learn all about animals and their young.
  • Teach My Toddler Continents and Animals introduces your toddler to 7 continents of the world and 21 animals that live on those continents. Using a coordinated book, puzzle-within-a-puzzle and matching flashcards, toddlers can discover more about the world they live in.
  • Teach My Preschooler The Solar System introduces your child to the basics of The Solar System. Using a coordinated book, puzzle, poster and flashcards, Teach My showcases the sun and nine planets that rotate around the sun, including Pluto, The Dwarf Planet.  
  • Teach My Preschooler The Time introduces preschoolers to hours, minutes, analog time, digital time and time vocabulary. Using a wipe-off teaching clock, book and digital time 

Below you can find my first review of the program and how excited my children were to use each part of it!

     Being that Dane is five almost six now, I have been spending more and more time working with him on his required lessons from school as well as others.  I've told you all before that Dane has always been way ahead of all the milestones and thats not me just bragging about my child.  As proud as I am I also think thats not a good thing.  You then have children who don't know what to do with themselves because they are too little to get into the things that they are smart enough to.

        After searching the internet for different education tools I discover Teach My.  Teach My is a kit/program developed my a disappointed mother who was just looking for one place to find the tools she needed to help her children at home.  When she couldn't find one that had it all available in the same place.

     This holiday, I was given the opportunity to review the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit.  This amazing kit includes a Reading, Printing, Numbers to 100, and Math focus.  And check out all that comes as part of your package:

10 Readers
60 Flashcards
1 Flashcard Reward Tin
1 Flashcard Holder
1 Magic Drawing Board
78 Print Transparencies & Printing Guide
101 Train Flashcards
3 Posters
2 Flip-Books
Foam Numbers, Counters and Equation Signs
Teaching Guide
Storage case

        I don't know about you but it seems like a great way to start preparing your child for school and future academic excellence.  Now not only do I have Dane who is in Kindergarten learning the exact subjects as included in the kit but I also have Declan who is on the other hand a bit of an average learner and will be starting preschool next year!

        Almost immediately Alana opened the flash cards and begun working with Dane on his adding.  We were already past the counting to 100 but these helped with our addition and subtractions.  We've even begun using this to help Dane start reading more clearly!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $Varies Depending on the Kit - Store Locator
Recommendation:  I thought this was a great tool to use with all that was included.  I think the cost is better than most you would find paying for tools like this.  I am super pumped that these can now be purchased at my local store right up the road!
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Giveaway:  Teach My is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Teach My Learning Kit to have of their own!
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  1. My daughter is 4 and she's homeschooled.

  2. Well, I have a daughter who just left for college- first year. I miss her so already. I also homeschool my two sons who are in pre-k/k and 3rd grade. Winning the elementary prize would be a great blessing as we are very limited with our resources.

  3. I am most excited about this prize. I have been looking at The Teach My products for awhile. I really hope to get one for my pre-k son.


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