Uncorked Ventures Wine Review

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        Obviously the first of the monthly subscriptions started with your wine and beer clubs.  They give those of who love to taste and try a variety of adult beverages the opportunity to do so without having to travel across the globe.  I was thrilled to be recently asked by Uncorked Ventures to review their monthly service and some of their wines.

        Uncorked Ventures provides a variety of wines from small artisan producers throughout the wine country states - California, Washington, and Oregon.  Being that my childhood best friend lived in California for several years, she is always my go to when it comes to wine.  We love having our girls night sampling different wines and are always sharing our favorites with each other.

        Both bottles arrived packaged nicely and safely and required a signature to be sure an adult was present in the house.  I was sent over an Edge Cabernet Savignon and a Brouhaha Chardonnay which I decided to sample with a friend after quite a stressful day.  We started with the Cabernet while we chilled the Chardonnay.

        Now, this isn't my first time trying a Chardonnay but I've been so hooked on Reisling for so long that I haven't even given any others a chance.  Although Chardonnays are a dryer white wine I love the sweet taste of this one.  The Cabernet Savignon was actually not as bad for me as most of the reds I've tried in the past since I tend to lean more towards the whites.

        There are a variety of wine club packages you can choose from with Uncorked Ventures depending on your taste preferences and price point.  Besides the wine clubs you can also find gift baskets or get a gift certificate for yourself or others!  I love that while the brand provides a variety of wines, they only do wine, making the selections that much more perfect and quality.

Available to purchase/Cost: $40 per month Explorations Wine Club 
Recommendation:  While I enjoyed the wines I received in this months shipment, I don't know that they would have been my choice for $20/bottle.  The service and variety is a great deal though if you are looking to sample some great American wines.
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