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        I am not only trying to lose weight but cleanse my system of all the toxins and unhealthy foods I eat.  I am so sick of feeling helpless, over weight and most importantly unhealthy.  But with any diet, the key is still eating.  Your body needs some sort of nutrition in the proper portions.

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        Starving yourself really is just that and it almost is all for a waste because your body then works against you to store the fat you have instead of burning it.  So here in lies my personal problem.  I try all these diets but either I can't eat the foods I love or I have a hard time staying on track with each meal/snack and calories.  So when I was asked to review one of the popular meal plans from Diets to Go, I was excited to give something new a try.  I want everyone to know what other option were out there because they ARE out there!

        "Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery company focused on making healthy eating both easy and affordable. Working with some of the best chefs in the business and cooking in our USDA-certified kitchen, we provide our customers fresh, delicious, low-calorie, nutritionally balanced meals to help them lose weight or simply support an already healthy weight and lifestyle."

        Because of some health issues I recently discovered at the doctor and a kidney defect, I decided I would try the Low Carb Meal Plan they have to offer.  My doctor had already recommended I go low carb so this was a perfect time to do so!  Each week you can order you meal which is delivered the Friday before.  Your selections and modifications can be made throughout the week prior.

        I love that this is delivered to your door, pre-portions, calorie counted, and specific to your diet plan!  Unfortunately, I have to share with all of you the disappointing fact that not one but two of my weeks were delivered with temperatures in the food danger zone.  The scariest part of this is that these meals are delivered in a Styrofoam container on a non-refrigerated truck and can have 2-3 days shipping time instead of something overnight.

        Being that I come from an extensive restaurant background, this is not acceptable.  I do however believe the issue lies with the fact that they are putting dry ice on the bottom of the cooler verse using something to cool at the top as well as food should be a next day delivery.  I felt terrible throwing out my entire first order and half of my second one but I wasn't willing to take the risk that these meals were in the danger zone for more than 4 hours.

        I ended up being able keeping a couple trays from the 1st delivery (ones directly above the dry ice) and about half of the meals from the 2nd delivery.  However, they got a lot of my requests mixed up and there were a few meals I would never eat because of my food allergies and preferences.  I have to say I have extreme mixed feelings as well about the meals.  Some of the chicken and beef dishes were amazing, as if I had home cooked them from scratch.  Others were a either dried out or fatty.  I thought all the vegetables were good although most were filled with water after heating which made it difficult to eat and chew through.

        I do love that there is a lot of support in this program.  Not only do you get weekly deliveries so as your needs change so can this just like grocery shopping for yourself but you can find support through newsletters and their community. There are also Meal, Exercise, Weight, and Measurement trackers.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Starting at $90.60 For 5 days 10 Meals Plans (Lunch/Dinner)
Recommendation:  I think this price is kind of expensive but only because I am a couponer when grocery shopping.  In comparison to other delivery meal plans they are extremely reasonable in pricing in fact probably cheaper than most.  I don't necessarily recommend this brand though as my experience wasn't the greatest at all.
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