Premium Digital Fork Meat Thermometer by Home-Complete Review

        Coming from working in restaurants for half my life I have become used to using certain tools when cooking regardless of my experience or knowledge.  I was recently asked by Home-Complete to review their newest product -  Premium Digital Fork Meat Thermometer.  I was more than glad to add to my list of kitchen gadgets.

        One of those tools I previously mentioned not being able to live without has always, always been a thermometer.  I can honestly say by just touching and looking at a steak, how it is cooked and even what temperature it is at (or any other meat for that matter).  It is just something you learn after spending so much time in a kitchen and at a grill.

        However, that doesn't mean I prefer to make my educated guess and especially when my cooking reputation is on the line.  With how frequently I cook for family and friends, I don't want to take chances on anyone's health.  The Premium Digital Fork Meat Thermometer is 15.9" in length with a super fast reading in under ten seconds.  reads the temperature (ranging from -58°F to 302°F).

        Not only does it measure the temperature in 10 seconds or less but it's "pre-programmed for (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey) and 4 doneness levels (rare, medium rare, medium, and well done) for each meat".  You literally don't need to have the experience I have to properly cook your foods!  You choose the meat you are cooking and how you prefer it cooked, and the beeping alarm sounds when ready.

        This one is so much easier to use than the two I previously had.  I always had trouble temping on the grill because of how short they were or how long it would take to read properly.  This even comes with a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE.  Regardless of where I am, you will find me using my new thermometer to be sure my meat has been cooked to temperature.

Available to Purchase/Cost: Regular Price $35.99 $14.99 Sale Premium Digital Meat Thermometer
Recommendation:  I have to say the pricing on these gadgets is very reasonable for the quality especially right now as it is on sale.  Some are not necessities especially if you don't entertain often but if you are looking to add a few extras, I would recommend doing so from Home-Compelte.

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