Hype Energy Drink Review

As a frequent drinker of energy drinks and actually a dedicated individual to a particular brand, there was a slight hesitation as to whether or not I wanted to try a new kind.  I’ve tried several others throughout the years and have not been a fan of the taste or even the smell which has me put off from trying anymore. However, I decided to put my feelings aside and give something new a try when I was asked to Hype Energy.

        With my “normal” energy drink not seeming to be as effective in the past, this was a perfect opportunity to see if I would enjoy Hype and how it would effect me.  When I first tried Hype I was pleasantly surprised it tasted just like Mt. Dew.  This is a major plus since it's one of my favorite soft drinks which I also drink frequently. Hype has 5 essential B vitamins in the drink which contribute to naturally boosting your energy.

        I was excited to hear that Hype energy drink carries no artificial coloring, sugars or preservatives with only 110 calories.  Now a days with all the studies being done on artificial coloring in soft drinks and food who knows what they’ll do to you.  As I’m becoming more health conscious in my age these are all important factors to me when I decide what to put in my body.

        I love the boost of energy I got when I decide to pop a can of Hype energy!  Not only is this perfect for endurance and reduce muscle soreness during our late night softball games, it can even help me the next morning to improve mental alertness which god knows I need! With the thousands of energy drinks available and each one promising you the world, it was nice to have something a bit different!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $48/case of 24 cans 
Recommendation:  I think this price is very comparable to other energy options.  This is packed with vitamins and actually worked without giving me the shakes
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  1. Thanks for the review Lucky Ladybug

  2. I had sort of given up on energy drinks. But I like that this is a natural one & that it tastes like Mountain dew (My favorite!) I'll look for Hype.


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