SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 LED Headlamp Review

        Since moving a few weeks back, we have quickly realized how much work we have to do on the new house.  From plumbing repairs to electrical and even tons of cosmetics.  We have an old farmhouse which we are trying to update not only to our expectations but to be as green friendly as possible.

        All these repairs in addition to trying to function on a daily basis, has created quite a few late nights working in the dark and in some nasty conditions. I was pretty excited when SportsTek asked me to review their SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 LED Headlamp.  This is more than your average sporting headlamp.  It's also more than your average tool!

        The SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 LED Headlamp is water resistant for outdoor/indoor use.  The LED light shines 220 Lumens bright reaching up to 688 feet and can be adjusted with a simple one handed click.  The hinged beam makes it even easier to point in different directions without having to remove or adjusting your head tilt.

        This has been a true life saver since arriving a few weeks ago!  So far Kevin has had to use it under the sink for plumbing issues, on the electrical in the garage attic, and in the crawl space working under the house which he is most thankful for this gadget!

        What's nice is you can adjust this to fit over your head, hat, or helmet, and even hook on your tool belt or on a bike!  Our handy friend who has been helping us with all these repairs is definitely jealous as he wants one for himself!  Kevin has even mentioned taking this with us camping even if it is just for use as a light in the tents, it will be well worth it to pack!

Cost/Available to purchase: $46.95 SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 LED Headlamp
Recommendation:  I would recommend this to anyone living on their own (or of course with family).  If you are a DIY'er it makes for a phenomenal tool as well as any outdoors lover in your life!  I would even say the cost is very reasonable for this type of tool!
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