Buy Blue Steel - Cubist Art Deco Style Square Ring Review and #Giveaway #HGG

        Being that I'm not usually a big jewelry person I tend to be pretty particular about the types of accessories I buy.  I usually find a piece and never take it off. Last year I had the opportunity to work with the brand Buy Blue Steel a few times last year.  Both Kevin and myself fell in love with just about each of their unique styles.

        "Blue Steel jewelry is edgy, industrial, and sophisticated all in one. You can dress the part at a formal event, rock concert, or when riding around with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon.  All of our products are made with the finest 316l stainless steel and our customers find themselves proudly wearing our jewelry for years and years."

        This time around they agreed to send me over their Cubist – Art Deco Style Square Ring to review!  Ever since putting on weight after the boys were born, I've been without my wedding OR engagement rings.  They don't fit right and I've honestly put off taking them to get sized since I would like to think the weight will be coming back off eventually.

        Plus, we play sports frequently and I've actually lost a diamond while at work in previous years.  I would hate to have anything happen to such a cherished piece of my jewelry collection.  It has honestly been a bit depressing as I love wearing my wedding set showing off to the world I am taken.

        Since the Cubist ring arrived in the door, I have yet to take it off as I am so happy to finally look like I am married again.  My original engagement ring is the exact same cut and design using a single princess or square cut.  This ring showcases white cubic zirconia solitaire which is set in a polished stainless steel which looks just like my normal white gold ring.

        I don't have to worry about this tarnishing when I forget to take it off in the shower!  Blue Steel has such an awesome selection to choose from at unbelievable prices.  Choosing something to purchase was almost impossible because of all the unique designs that you just don't find at your average jeweler.  The best part is their customer service was phenomenal and shipped extremely quick once I decided on something!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $41.99 Sale (83.99 reg) Cubist – Art Deco Style Square 
Recommendation:  I don't know what else I could possibly tell you to recommend this jeweler!  I think their pricing is phenomenal for this type of quality.  I even noticed that they frequently update their styles and product line-up to constantly give the latest trends and something different for every taste!
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Twitter: @BuyBlueSteel

Giveaway:  Buy Blue Steel is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers Cubist – Art Deco Style Square Ring to have of their own!
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