Fagor Platino Plus Slow Juicer/Sorbet Maker Review and #Giveaway

        Alright y'all know how I love to cook.  I also love transitioning my family into a healthier lifestyle through cooking and preparation.  That change isn't always easy but the rewarding feeling after is well worth it.  The problem I come up with is making the things that are healthy taste as good as the same usual foods my family eats that aren't.

Slow Juicer Platino Plus
        Having one picky boy and a picky husband, I have to find creative ways to make snacks and meals something the entire family will eat.  I loved having a juicer in previous years before the boys were born but got rid of it long ago.  With the modern blenders I've recently used the boys have always hated how much pulp and bits of fruit/vegetables end up in their juices.  I've also tried healthy alternatives like the banana ice cream makers.  But of course one of my boys doesn't eat bananas so I am forced to find another alternative since those truly rely on the banas to make the ice cream.

        A while back, I was given an awesome opportunity to review a product from the amazing brand Fagor which I satill use today.  It's quality made such an impression on me and my family, I knew I had to get my hands on another one of their products.  This was the perfect time for the product they were graciously sending me.  With my plans for 2015 and an improvement in my families overall health, the new Fagor Platino Plus Slow Juicer/Sorbet Maker couldn't have been a better edition to my kitchen appliances.

        On and off, I have been attempting a few raw foods/juice dieting options.  I am not only trying to lose weight but cleanse my system.  I am so sick of feeling helpless and overweight.  So when a friend recently told me how much weight and how quickly she lost it using a juice diet, I had to give this new option a try.

        First and foremost this is a very simple machine.  There is absolutely no assembly.  Because there is no separation or oxidation in slow juicing, you get more juice.   Using a "2-step process in which juice is extracted twice before it enters your glass" this way the fruit is squeezed and not ground, chopped, or blended.

        For my first beverage I went with something simple which was an orange julius protein drink.  I was beyond impressed with how quickly the Platino Plus dispensed everything from the oranges into almost pure liquid.  I was able to drink this beverage extremely quickly as there were no chunks of ice or frozen banana and no pulp left from the pineapple or oranges!  It was absolutely amazing!

        Using the same technology, you can use your Platino Plus to make yummy sorbet.  The biggest thing is don't go out and buy this and expect to come home and use it right away unless you pre freeze your fruit or buy frozen fruit from the grocery store.  You need no additional ingredients to make this yummy dessert with your appliance.  This dessert is great option for those who have dairy allergies or are looking for a healthier alternative.
Available to purchase/Cost:  $199 Fagor Platino Plus Slow Juicer/Sorbet Maker 
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Recommendation:  Get one!  Fagor has all sorts of high quality appliances for the everyday home and all at reasonable prices.  This all in one is great especially for those days you get up early to workout or those trying to get healthier!
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Giveaway:  Fagor America is giving one of A Lucky Ladybug's Lucky readers a Platino Plus Slow Juicer/Sorbet Maker to try of their own!
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