5 HTP Natural Mood Support Review

        I was very excited when recently asked to review the product 5 HTP Natural Mood Support as I suffer from anxiety .  I had taken myself off my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds almost a year ago.  I've been wanting to find something that was more herbal instead of all the unknown chemicals that are in most prescription medications.  I had recently given another product a try which was geared more towards dieting and energy, which didn't work well for me, so this was hopefully a little more specific to my needs.

        Not only is 5 HTP  an all natural supplement, it has no GMO's and is the "best supplement to boost serotonin".  This not only can help with primarily with your anxiety but can also aide in relief of stress, as an anti-depressant as well as helping with giving more restful sleep because your more naturally relaxed.  The product details also state it can help with appetite control and aid in weight loss.
        Personally suffering from anxiety and not being happy with the side affects of the prescription drugs, a more natural option made it even more appealing to me.  Even though I consider myself a very hard worker, I tend to have those times where focusing on one project just isn't an option.  I try to take on a lot and can get distracted easily.  Knowing this would help with my "Feel Good" mood, overall I figured it would be a win win.  Since taking 5 HTP I have felt more myself!

         I actually haven't felt this good since I was in my early 20's.  It was well noticeable too as myself and others noticed a difference right away.  My husband the next day asked if I was taking my prescription anti-anxiety medication again.  He knowing I took myself off them, was shocked that I was back to a more positive and calm personality almost overnight.
         I tend to be more anxious around the holidays as I know I'm going to have to deal with big crowds at the stores. Not only do I have to do a ton of shopping but I have 4 rather large loud families I have to see in a period of two days.  Knowing that I have this product now to help, I can see my holidays being much more enjoyable this year. Phil also knowing how much I dread this time of year, is happy that I'm in more of a holiday cheer than usual. This has been a huge relief and at the perfect time!

Cost/Available to purchase: $19.95 ~5 HTP Natural Mood Support
Recommendation:  I can completely feel a difference in the over all way I feel.  The price is actually very reasonable as well although I would love to see it a bit cheaper just for the plain fact that it isn't a script covered by insurance.

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