American Certified Hanging Wine and Stemware Rack Review

        Being the big entertainers that we are, we knew moving into the new house that we wanted a specific area for the bar things.  Thankfully we found a home with exactly that.  Now trying to find a simple solution for displaying everything has become an issue.  I love being organized and being able to see everything within one glance.

        I also hate cheaply made products from who knows where as they rarely last any type of lengthy use.  So when American Certified asked me to to give some of their products a review, I knew right away it would be a brand I wanted to review.  Recently launching the "World's Largest Collection of American Made Products", American Certified is trying to bring the "American Quality" back home.

        Unfortunately, I have to start out right away by saying the website was terrible to use.  Not only did the products list one price as we were searching through, but then they listed an increased price once clicking on to purchase.  There were items in completely incorrect categories and forget searching for anything as it seemed impossible no matter how detailed you were.

        I think maybe they got a bit too big to handle and didn't organize properly which for an online retailer is a big issue.  However, we did eventually find something that would fit with our decor to review.  We were sent over the Hanging Wine and Stemware Rack in Black.  Made in the USA from Northern Birch hardwoods, this rack is extremely sturdy.

        The rack can be hung in even small areas to display 8 bottles of wine and 16 stemware.  You can get this in other finishes than black such as natural, white, dark cherry, chocolate, honey, and mahogany finishes.  We loved this right away and it has completely complemented our bar area.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $79.95 Hanging Wine and Stemware Rack 
Recommendation:  The amount of other products this company has available in one place is truly amazing.  I would definitely be interested to see how this company truly develops as well as purchasing more of my housewares products from them! I recommend checking out all they have to offer (and not getting too frustrated with their website as I am sure it will only take some time to get more organized).
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