CLA - Superior Review

        I was recently asked to give yet another dieting product a review called CLA - Superior.  Because this is a product designed to help both those who are overweight and athletes maintaining their health, I was a bit hesitant.  If there is one thing I have learned reviewing all these products it's that no two people lose weight the same.

        CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and is sourced from natural safflower oil.  Made in USA, CLA Superior helps fat consumed to be burned as your bodies fuel instead of being stored.  This allows muscles to grow easier rather than breaking down for the fuel themselves.

        The directions tell you to take 2-3 capsules each day at the same time as keeping up with an exercise program.  While I have not been taking these on a regular basis just yet because of the holidays, I have noticed a boost in energy on the days that I do.  My biggest thing with diet products is the jitters and if I get light headed at all.  So far with this one I have not noticed either side effects.
Available to purchase:  $28.97 CLA - Superior
Recommendation:  I cannot tell you for sure if this works as it says it does just yet especially being the holiday season.  I can however tell you I truly needed the boost in energy I was getting from this one when I would take it.  That being said I am excited to give it a shot in the new year once all the feasting and laziness is over in my family.
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