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     I have always been a very organized person throughout most of my life.  You can even ask my mother.  Unlike most other average children, my room was always very neat, I had a savings built up before I was 15, and my schedule for the week was always very well planned out.  I honestly begin to freak out if there is chaos of any sort in my home.  It tends to make me a little crazy (okay a lot of crazy).

        So obviously, I thrive on organization and I truly believe everything should have it's place.  Moving into the new home has brought several new opportunties to reorganize and adjust our families way of functioning.  So when Longstem Organizers agreed to work on a review with me, I was ecstatic!

        The "Longstem Organizer business was established with one goal in mind: to maximize efficiency in space utilization."  A brand honestly after my own heart!  With an already growing variety of organizers which can be used to hang over a door, mounted on the wall, in an unused corner of a room, or on a desktop.  They are even trying to come up with more uses and spaces!

        This time around, I was sent over the Star Organizer and the Heart Organizer for review.  These are both the perfect organizer for small spaces and children/teens.  We actually decided to get the Star for the boys room as they have tons of key chains, whistles, and other items which could easily be hung.  They took one look at ours from the previous review and had to have one for their room.

        Beyond being perfect for displaying all your jewelry in one place, the Heart organizer works perfectly for Alana's hair accessories too!  We put this up in her bathroom so she would be able to have easy access to it as she gets ready each day.  Everything is in one place - jewelry, hair accessories, keys/ids, etc.

        The quality of both is definitely something you can tell the minute it arrives that it is going to last a lifetime.  Even holding the heaviest of items, I truly have no qualms about these breaking or wearing down easily!  I can't wait to see what other exciting designs they come up with.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $29.99 Star Organizer 
$29.99 Heart Organizer 
Recommendation:  These two organizers have been lifesafers already in the new house for the kiddos.  I think these would make a great gift this holiday season for any one you know OR for yourself when you are ready to do a little tidying up.
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