Miracle Pet Coat Specific Shampoo Review

        With being such a big part of our family, our pets health is extremely important to us.  I barely trust my dogs to stay with anyone but family which includes grooming them as well.  They are usually bathed outside at the house during the summer and in our shower during the winter.  If I am cleaning them at home I don't want to use any harsh chemicals on them as I wouldn't use them on my children and if we are indoors, we are now on a septic!

        I am always looking into the best remedies for my pets as they smell constantly since they are quite active and are constantly getting themselves dirty now that we have the property to let them run.  But just because they play hard outside doesn't mean they can't look and smell pretty like the indoor dogs they are!  I was recently asked to review Miracle Pet's Coat Specific Shampoo for Short and Smooth Coats.

        Now as you see in the pictures, all of my dogs are short hair - two with a softer coat and the other more coarse.  With Capone having very sensitive skin, I have to be careful about what I use on him.  It has to be gentle enough for him or he'll itch like crazy and breakout in hives.  The Miracle Coat Shampoo for Short and Smooth is specially formulated with colloidal oatmeal and wheat germ oil which helps condition both the hair and skin (especially for dogs like Capone).

        Capone handled the shampoo just fine!  No itching or skin irritation and Jager looked amazing after playing in the mud.  The shampoo made Rayne's already soft coat much softer and shinier!  I think Capone is too coarse to really make a difference but after the bath the both were glowing!  I loved that they all smelled much better.  Although I will say the smell was much more natural and not very powerful.

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Recommendation:  I loved the shampoo and that we can get a formula specific to our dogs coat.  I want to purchase the silky for my Mom's teacup yorkie since she is always getting knotted.
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