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Pure Care Home
        Ok so by now you should all know I usually make my own household cleaners and really anything I can to save money and help my family live a healthier life.  The only time I don't make my own is when I am reviewing products for certain companies.  In saying I only choose to bring in "certain companies" chemicals into my house, they need to meet a few of my trial requirements since I have made that change for my family.

        I only want to try a product if it is safe for the environment, inexpensive (especially compared to making my own), and most important safe for my children and pets.  As usual I just discovered yet another fantastically green company - Pure Care Home!  this is one of those companies that I can feel confident using in all areas of my home.  Not only are all Pure Care products septic safe (for my new home), they don't contain any harmful chemicals like dyes, sulfates, ammonia, glycol ethers, chlorine, formaldehyde and more.

        I was sent over their MegaCare 4 in 1 Kit to review.  This kit includes their All-Purpose Cleaner Lemongrass Vetiver (32oz), Glass Cleaner Eucalyptus Clove Cedar (32oz), Bathroom Cleaner Eucalyptus Clove Cedar (32oz), Dish Soap (32oz), a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and an Insulated Shopping Tote.  Right away I had to try the All-Purpose Cleaner.  We all know what a pain it can be to clean the microwave right?  Not only do all the splattered foods back into the walls but there are so many twists and turns and crevices in our microwaves it is just impossible to get everything.  Well the All Purpose Cleaner worked great without having to scrub and smelled super fresh!

        Next product was the Bathroom Cleaner and might I say how thrilled I was to have something safe AND effective like this in my house.  Lime, soap scum, and mineral deposits are so difficult to clean on top of the fact that my children spend quite a bit of time in these areas.  I want what I use to be both tough AND safe.  Everything seemed to wipe clean easier than normal using the Bathroom Cleaner.

        The Glass Cleaner had an awesome scent (as most smell of vinegar)and worked great on fingerprints, grease, and smudges - Something all of us mothers know a little too much about!  What a nice change this was to see that sparkle on the mirrors and TV.  The Dish Soap has been a big help in pre-soaking my dishes and especially not having to worry about the soap affecting my Septic Tank!
Available to Purchase/Cost:  $35.99 MegaCare 4 in 1 Kit 
Pure Care Products
Recommendation: Now I don't have a microscope to tell you if all the germs and bacteria are gone but using this solution I felt better about the cleanliness in these areas. While the kit comes with quite a bit, I'd like to see it a bit more affordable (per bottle) for the every day person.
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