Sports Unlimited Under Armour ColdGear Women's Big Logo Applique Hoodie Review

        When it comes to sporting goods, there seem to be tons of options available, with each brand promising you the world. Being such an active couple playing on an adult softball team most of the year, I can tell you living in Michigan can make it quite interesting trying to predict the weather with sports.  Kevin and I live for Sundays during the Summer and Fall as they are actually our date night.  We drink (maybe just a little bit, lol ) and play softball for hours each Sunday with our friends.

Under Armour ColdGear Women's Big Logo Applique Hoodie
        Once we get into the Fall season we've learned that having the right gear can seriously be key to how our bodies react to each activity.  Our fall season plain out sucks when it comes to weather as there is rain and even snow some days.  We still play because we love it so much and I can promise you it would take literally losing a limb to keep us home.  It has taken quite some time to find a company which we know we can both get the best gear with the best prices.

        I was ecstatic when Sports Unlimited contacted me about doing a review for the cold weather season and even more excited as I shopped, discovering all they had to offer!  Sports Unlimited is "a family owned, full line Internet sporting goods retailer, founded in 1983."  Not only have they been around since before the DOT COM world really boomed but they pride themselves in being a tight knit family brand offering the best customer service, selection and pricing.
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        Because they were interested in their Under Armour apparel for the Fall and coming Winter season, I decided on the Under Armour Cold Gear Women's Big Logo Applique Hoodie for review.  I'm constantly sick, so I have to keep myself bundled.  More importantly, I have to be bundled in a way that I can still move since I play first base.  I have to be extremely flexible and so does the clothing I wear.

        One brand that I've always known I can count on to keep me warm as well as being flexible with my body without being bulky is Under Armour.  While you can count on it lasting forever, if you've ever purchased the brand, you know how ridiculously expensive it can be. At any normal given retailer, the pricing can be unreasonable to purchase for most individuals let alone as parents struggling to even find the funds to enjoy our one evening a week.

        Not only is the pricing affordable through Sports Unlimited it's better than what I've found at outlet stores in our area.  The sweatshirt shipped quickly and fit perfectly just in time for the end of our season.  They seem to carry products for every sport we could ever imagine playing!  There are products for Alana (volleyball and color guard), for the boys starting out (baseball, tee-ball, and football), indoor sporting that Kevin personally loves (pool and darts), Summer swimming gear for myself and even different fan gear.
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Available to purchase/Cost:  $54.99 Under Armour ColdGear Women's Big Logo Applique Hoodie 
Recommendation: There is just a ton for everyone of all ages that I can guarantee you will find something for everyone!  I could spend hours on the website as I'm sure you will too!  The pricing on everything I've looked at so far is definitely reasonable!
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