DIY Mini Greenhouse w/ Snuggle Box #CraftyPaws

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        O.K. everyone of my readers should know by now that I try my hardest to live the most eco-friendly lifestyle as realistically possible.  Of course this isn't always easy at times having a family of five but we try our hardest.  The easiest way to do so I've found, is through recycling and up-cycling.  Kids (or at least mine) love doing crafts of any kind which is why I try to turn any kind of wast I can into a project for us to work together on.

        Because I am big on starting my own seeds indoors during the winter months, the kids know a lot of these crafts are dedicated to gardening.  When working with the brands I do more than once and on a regular basis, I usually try to come up with ways to stretch those products lifespan out OR ways to upcycle all the packaging I receive.  It is a way of both helping reduce waste and helping me feel better about all the deliveries I get.

        My most recent craft involves using the Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets boxes.  Not only do I reuse the sheets around the house for various cleaning tasks but lately I have been using the boxes to create my own mini greenhouses for my seed starting!  Check out how to do this yourself below:

        Take your empty Snuggle box that would normally get thrown in the trash:

        Your box is already open on the top, now open the flap in the front portion and cut down the middle of both short sides so box can be laid flat.  Next, cut a matching square out of the middle of the bottom of the box to make a window.  Cut the top flap off to do the same on the top.  When laid flat, you Snuggle box will look like a frame with two separate windows.

        Next tape Saran wrap OR any type of clear plastic over the empty squares to create actual plastic windows.  Next, using the square cutout or cut flap, cut to fit the side shape and tape to the sides.  The goal shape is a Trapezoidal Prism shape which will work as a Dome or Greenhouse Cover.

        Finally take the final product and set on top of any seed starters or small plant seedlings.  This will act as a greenhouse by holding moisture and heat in as well as reflecting more sunlight for your plants to grow faster and stronger!  All else fails you can see my son thought wearing it as a hat worked just as well LOL!

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  1. What a great idea - perfect for those like me that are in the cold until it's kind of late in the year. Congrats on your win!! #CraftyPaws

  2. That is a really good idea for lots of boxes we usually just toss! (And are those seeds in eggshells? Genius!)


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