Epica Bellows and Fireplace Tongs Review

        Over the years growing up, I as many of us do I've slowly acquired certain tastes and dislikes.  Before the recent move, I had a certain set of requirements for the homes we were considering to buy.  I knew I wanted a natural fireplace as I have always loved the natural warmth and glow.  A house just seems like more of a home with one.  Of course, I also love the natural and energy efficient way of heating your home with wood.

        So now in our new home, I was thrilled when SKG Group asked me to review a few Epica products including the Epica Bellows and Fireplace Tongs.  I am set to create the perfect fire in the fireplace, out back in the firepit, or while camping using these new tools.

        Using a scissor action and looped grips, the Fireplace Tongs make it super easy to move, adjust, or add wood in any fire.  Made of a 26" long metal alloy, the tongs are sure to last and keep you a safe distance from the flames.  You can even fold them down to 17" for storage (or easy transportation to campsites).

        While I love fires of all kinds, I'm not exactly the best at starting them.  It usually takes quite a bit of effort or my husbands help in starting anything more than a tiny flame.  The Epica Bellows is perfect for small to medium fires with no plastic parts which could melt.  I love using this and especially for camping.

        I love displaying this next to my fireplace as the wood and leather design is beautiful in my opinion.  It literally only takes me a few pumps to get my fires going and I don't have to worry about loading the fire with a ton of newspaper to get it started.  You can tell almost immediately that both products are of a high quality and are built to last for quite some time.

Cost/Available to purchase: $19.50 Astor Bellows for Wood and Coal Fires
$11.95 Epica Fireplace Tongs, 26" Long, Log Grabber
Recommendation:  These are quality made products sure to last a lifetime and more.  I've been using these both a ton since they arrived and plan to look into more products from Epica.  I love how easy both are to use and the cost is extremely reasonable.
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