Carefresh Custom Natural Paper Bedding Review

        When you have small animal pets, they may seem easier to care for because they are usually contained in a tank or small critter cage.  However, there are still tons of important factors you need to be concerned with.  Bedding being a major element of their environment.  While our home is filled with creatures of all kinds it's been a while since we had a furry small animal.

        So when asked if I was interested in reviewing the Carefresh Custom Natural Paper Bedding, I was initially going to say no.  However, then I remembered that the bearded dragons we had could use newspaper bedding and it was actually much healthier than anything using wood chips which can negatively affect their respiratory system.  The dragons can smell something horrific since the tend to defecate quite frequently now that they are grown.

        Using new Odor Stop + Baking Soda formula which can "provide 10 days of odor control (4 days longer than other paper bedding brands)", this product has already made a huge difference in our household.  Alana keeps her dragons in her room where as you can imagine, it can get quite stinky if not cleaned constantly.  She has noticed a huge difference in the smell in that there seems to be much less, giving her more time between bedding changes.

        Also made int he USA, the Carefresh bedding consists of more than just ingredients like shredded paper and shavings.  It is comfortable for the small animals plus environmentally  friendly and healthier for pets or people.  I am even looking forward to using this once we bring rabbits or chickens in the Spring to our house/farm mix.  We were very happy with the quality and results for just the Bearded Dragons.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Visit Carefresh Pet Products for more information
Recommendation:  I thought this bedding worked great especially in comparison to the products we've used in the past for small animals.  The quality was both effective in the reduction of smells as well as easy to clean and the dragons loved it!
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    1. I have been interested in using substrate such as this, how has it been working since you used it, are you still using it??

      1. Yes we are still using this and LOVE it!! It lasts much longer, smells better, and we've been quite happy about it still a year later.


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