How Can Muay Thai Training in Thailand Help Women?

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Muay Thai – an ancient martial art that has its origins in the countryside of Thailand when people had to learn all sort of fighting techniques in order to survive and protect themselves. Today Muay Thai or Thai boxing as Westerners call it, is an internationally recognized sport with its own rules that makes this sport different from any other although it is quite close to some other combat sports and martial arts. In addition, some elements of this sport were introduced in various MMA programs.

Muay Thai training provides a total cardiovascular workout that helps the process of weight loss. In addition, it also encourages toning of the entire body through a carefully designed exercises focused on kicking, punching and other effective movements. There are many women who find Muay Thai training to be the perfect combination of resistance and cardio workout that can also aid to developing self-defense skills. Having these things in mind, it is not hard to realize why so many women travel to Thailand with our without their partners in order to join a Muay Thai training camp there. These camps are a great way to get familiar with this sport and the trainers that work there are the perfect guides through this process. It is best to join a training camp that is close to the most beautiful natural attractions of Thailand, like Suwit Muay Thai located on Phuket Island , because in this way you can enjoy and relax on the beaches, have fun at night and visit some spectacular places and get fit at the same time. The following is a shortlist of things you can expect from Muay Thai training classes.

1.       Complete activation of your body

This is a complete body workout. It will help you work out all the muscles in your body. Women will get the chance to reduce fat, strengthen their muscles and improve their flexibility..

2.       Relaxation

Muay Thai training can also serve as a relaxation treatment. Thanks to the intensive training you will release endorphins, hormones that are known as mood boosters.

3.       Self defense

One other huge benefit of Muay Thai training is the possibility to learn how to defend yourself from attackers. This is something really important for women because with the help of Muay Thai can learn how to protect themselves even if the attacker is bigger than them.

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