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        My favorite part of cooking and entertaining is the challenge of exciting my own and others taste senses.  I am also the type of foodie that if someone challenges me to try something they claim to be too hot to stomach, I WANT IT.  I've given myself asthma attacks trying different hot sauces and peppers.  So obviously, I am a spicy food person and I wanted to give the newest products from Mrs. Renfro's Foods a try.

        I've worked with them in the past and my entire family loved the products.  Mrs. Renfro's carries a variety salsas and several other blends such as cheese dips, relishes, and jalapenos.  I knew right away which ones I would choose and I was graciously sent over my selection of Black Bean Salsa, Ghost Pepper Salsa, and Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce, and Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce.

*Keep in mind I usually try to rate my hot sauce/salsas on a scale 1 to 10.  1 is very mild no spice, 5 being spicy, and 10 needs a medicine dropper and the bottle should not even be touched by the weak.

        The Black Bean Salsa has great flavor and texture.  I had tried this previously and knew my family loved it before.  Kevin doesn't like anything remotely spicy and my daughter likes things a little hot but still on the mild side.  This has been a perfect addition to our meals anytime we are looking for an extra boost of flavor. If you ask me I give this a spice factor of 2 or 3 not too bad for most people.

        My opinion of the Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce is almost exactly the same.  This mild to medium heat cheese adds flavor to just about anything you decide to add it to.  Alana has been using it on the days we make burritos or enchiladas.  If you ask me I give this a spice factor of 3 or 4 as it has a tiny kick to it.

        With being such a bold foodie and no fear in experimenting, I obviously only got both of the Ghost Pepper flavors for myself. The Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce was an amazing addition to meals like enchiladas.  I've been adding it on top of everything I can think since I love it's rich spicy flavor.  This one has a spice factor of 6 (not for the weak, flavorless lovers but not too over the top spicy).

        The Ghost Pepper Salsa was fantastically HOT!  It is very hard to find a hot salsa with a *good* flavor.  Usually others mask the flavor of the meal or overpower it but not this one.  I made myself a large taco salad.  My nose was running within the first couple bites but I had a lasting flavor that didn't make me run for the garden hose!  I give this a spice factor of 7 (don't even try it if you aren't sure about liking the heat).

Available to Purchase/Cost: $3.25-4.25 Salsas, Cheese Sauce, Relishes 
Recommendation: These salsas are great for all sorts of uses whether you are trying to spice up a dip or adding some flavor to your everyday grilling adventure.  I cannot wait to try more recipes in the future.  I would not recommend these salsas if you are a mild and boring person.
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Giveaway:  Mrs. Renfro's is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers 2 salsas to try of their own!
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