Onite Portable USB 5V LED CampLight Bulb Emergency Lamp Review

        Originally knowing how much we love the outdoors and all the camping we do, I figured having a good lantern/camping light would be worthwhile.  In addition to camping, you can never be too prepared for power outages and such.  Being asked to review the Onite Portable USB 5V LED CampLight Bulb Emergency Lamp, I figured there were a variety of ways I could use it for review.

        The Portable USB 5V LED CampLight Bulb Emergency Lamp is powered using any USB device which not only makes it portable using a power bank but helps in a pinch when there are power outages!  Using the metal wire hook, you can hang just about anywhere light is needed and will have a bright, soft light over the designated area.

        You can even use the on/off switch to turn on or off your light like any normal light and without having to actually unplug it.  Using low energy consumption, the CampLight is energy saving and environmentally friendly (especially in times when their is little to no energy available).

        With the cold weather upon us we tend to camp very rarely as living in Michigan, we hate taking the kids out in the bitter cold.  Unfortunately while I am excited to try the CampLight out this Spring, I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a try outdoors.  However, I can tell you we were extremely excited when we thought of a new use for it specific to our family.

        Being that we love working on puzzles together, you will frequently find a card table setup with pieces on it in the living room any given day.  Working on the on the puzzles during the evening plain stinks usually because of the lighting, but not anymore!  We’ve been using our CampLight to produce extra lighting in specific areas of the puzzles to help see more clearly.  This works great for what we need and without getting hot at all!  Making it safe for use with the kiddos too!

Available to purchase/Cost: $9.99 Onite LED CampLight
Recommendation:  This can be used at home, camping or even as a portable grill!  This is going to last a long time and has worked out well for my family so far.  It is even at a great price that you'd be crazy not to get yourself one!
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